Makeup Do’s & Don’ts for the Festive Season

Makeup Do’s & Don’ts for the Festive Season

Festive season is here and so is the shaadi season! This means just two awesome things, lots of amazing food and lots of dress-up games with guilt free makeup sessions! Oh how awesome does that sound!

But hold on ladies, don’t get too excited because most of you - (including me) we tend to commit certain makeup mistakes when the festivities get a little too overwhelming.

Makeup Do’s that you ought to follow

First and foremost, stay hydrated. No matter how much makeup you wear, a tired face always shows. So, get ample amount of rest and drinks lots of water and fresh fruit juices.

Secondly, be it day time or night do not forget your moisturizer before your makeup. We suggest that you pick the Advanced Activs Skin Glow Power Serum. This will hydrate your skin with the right amount of moisture and leave your skin glowing from within.

Never ever miss out on your primer. Your primer is basically your makeup saviour! It’ll give your makeup a seamless finish and also make it last longer. You can dance your heart out and sweat it out without worrying about your makeup.

Always remove your makeup no matter how tired you are. Some days the party might go on a little longer, and it shouldn’t matter how exhausted you are, never skip on removing your makeup and washing your face. Because come on! You wouldn’t want to wake up with an annoying pimple guest on your face.

Makeup Don’ts that you must never miss out!

Don’t ever skip on your lip balm before makeup if you’re planning to wear a matte or a liquid matte lipstick. Remember, chapped lips with lipstick on aren’t glamorous at all.

Don’t miss out on your concealer to even out your dark circles, marks and uneven skin tone for a flawless makeup finish.

If you have oily skin then make sure you carry your compact powder in your purse in case you need a quick makeup fix.

Always use a concealer before you begin your eye shadow game for a better colour pay off.

Lastly never ever forget your perfume, because it’s all about how gorgeous you look and wonderful you smell! Get alcohol-free roll-on perfumes from Iba that you can carry around for a touch-up anytime, anywhere!

Let’s get festive ready! Happy festivities from us to you!