Top 5 skincare secrets for that bridal glow

Top 5 skincare secrets for that bridal glow

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“That’s enough glow!” said no bride ever! As cliché as it sounds, a bride and her pampering drama goes hand in hand. Not just this, but being a bride is super huge a deal!

You’d wanna look perfect for your big day, and nothing works best than a pre planned routine that needs to begin at least two months prior to your BIG DAY! The earlier you start, the better it’ll be.

So, here’s a list of skincare bridal drama that you need to follow for that flawless glow!

Secret #1

Hydration is the key to a clear glowing skin! Make sure you are well hydrated and drinking a minimum of 4-5 litres of water a day. This trick will keep your pimples and breakouts at bay. Drinking enough water also aids in weight-loss, this also has a special name – water therapy. Avoid snacking at odd hours and drink water or fresh fruits juices instead. Make sure you finish your last litre atleast 2 hours before bed, this helps in clearing your system and aid to a good night’s sleep.

Secret #2

A good detox drink is always welcome! Try having this particular detox drink on empty stomach every morning. Take 1 cup of water and bring it to boil, add 2 teaspoons of whole jeera, 1 teaspoon of freshly crushed turmeric, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon honey and a few crushed basil or tulsileaves. This drink is everything that your health and skin needs from turmeric’s healing and glowing properties to a lemon’s vitamin C content...this drink will not only give you a gradual glow but also aid in weight loss and a healthy metabolism.

Secret #3

What you eat is what you are! That’s right my dear Bride-To-Be’s! All that dieting and fancy diets is only good as long as it has all the vitamins and proteins that your body needs. Don’t try anything new as the days get closer, eat healthy, include lots of fruits, vegetables and fluids. Make sure you avoid junk and workout for at least an hour a day! This will not just give you a healthy glow but also enhance your overall health!

Secret #4

The key to healthy glowing skin is all about choosing the right skincare products. For this, start experimenting from the moment you get to know about your BIG DAY’sdates, because you don’t any skin mishaps as the days near. One product that would never go wrong is a serum. And if you wanna play safe then Iba’s Youth Preserve Skin Glow Power Serum would be an awesome pick! Not only it suites all skin types but also it’ll start showing results in just 15 days!

Secret #5

Your beauty sleep is your elixir! Being a bride can be really stressful at times, and stress means lack of sleep. This is that time when you just can’t afford to miss out on your sleep. Lack of sleep also means a tired face and dark circles! Nightmare! For a good night’s sleep make sure you workout in the evening, followed by a good bath and an early dinner. Trust me! You’re gonna sleep like a sweet baby every night!

My dear bride-to-be’s this is the most beautiful moment of your life, enjoy each moment! After all, a happy bride is always a beautiful bride!

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