5 crazy lip balm hacks

5 crazy lip balm hacks

Lip Balm! The one secret weapon you will find in every girl’s purse! Lip balms have a history of ruling every girl’s bag...from a school girl, to college and to your boss at work! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that lip balms can double up as Genies!

But hold on! Did you know that your lip balm could do much more than just heal chapped and dry lips! No? Oh Gosh! No worries guys! We’re here and so it’s sorted!

Hack #1

Your lip balm could work really well like a mascara remover! Messed up mascara can be really annoying and make you look like a “not so cute” panda! So, next time you mess up your mascara, just let it dry off. Once it’s dry, take your lip balm and gently glide on the dried mascara. Wipe off with a cotton pad and voila!

Hack #2

No lip scrub? No worries! Take your lip balm and apply a thick layer on your lips. Now take a pinch of granulated sugar or you can even take a pinch of coffee powder. Scrub your lips well and there you have it! Super easy lip scrub right there!

Hack #3

This hack works well if your lip balm has a pink or red tint! Just glide over your cheeks and nose and blend well! Super easy and cute blush at your tips! This also gives a natural glow that does not look over the top! Just perfect for your brunch! Try this hack with Iba Strawberry Lip Balm.

Hack #4

Red nail paints and dark coloured nail paints are really gorgeous! But removing them is the real deal! So the next time you remove your dark coloured nail paints, apply lip balm on your skin around your nails and then use your nail paint remover. This will remove your nail paint easily without staining your fingers!

We hope you love these hacks! Share with us your hack stories too!