5 Ways to punch away blackheads

5 Ways to punch away blackheads

“Smack! Ouch! That’s one stubborn mosquito on my nose! Wait! Why isn’t it moving...oh no! Another nasty blackhead just to ruin my day! Perfect!”

I’m sure you can relate to this because blackheads seem like those villains that never seem to disappear no matter how much you conspire to get rid of them. Almost as dramatic as a saas-bahu serial!

But, have you ever pondered that maybe there could’ve been ways in which you can fight against your blackhead menace and maybe there are ways in which you ‘can’ stop them from coming back!

Yes! You read that right! Your dear Iba Fam has been upto some deep study and research on how to fight blackheads and how you can stop them from appearing! FOR REAL!

Here are 5 ways in which you can prevent blackheads from appearing as well as getting rid of the ones that are already there!

You might have heard of this a million times and does it work? Yes absolutely it does if you do it the right way. If you’re going in for a regular exfoliation then just a scrub and cold water works. But to get rid of those blackheads stuck in your pores, you need to take some warm steam before exfoliating.

Just take some hot water and let the steam touch your face until wet. For best results cover your head with a towel for 10-15mins. Once you’re done, take some exfoliating scrub and massage well on your face, especially the areas that have blackheads.

Warm steam helps in opening up your pores and makes it easier to remove blackheads. And, if you’re looking for a good scrub that you can absolutely rely on Iba’s 3 in 1 Instant Fairness Facial that works in three ways – a scrub, a wash and a mask.

Once you’re done take an ice cube wrapped in cotton and massage on your face. This will minimise your pores and tighten your skin giving it a natural glow.

After a good steam and a scrub, it’s always easier to get rid of the gunk, but make sure you never use your nails no matter how tempting it is! Because this weird pleasure of squeezing out the gunk might put you at risk of permanent scarring and marks. You can either cover your nails with a thin layer of cotton to avoid any sort of scratches or you can just use a blackhead extracter tool.

If you’re in a hurry and need to get rid of those annoying bumps on your nose, then you can surely go in for pore strips. They are extremely easy to use, hassle free and definitely pocket friendly. Pore strips are quick fixers but not a permanent solution. Read on...we have more for you!

Oily skin might be the reason behind your blackheads. But in case you’ve been thinking that avoiding a moisturizer might help...then let me burst this tiny bubble for you that avoiding a moisturizer might have been back-firing you all this while!

You must keep your skin’s oil level balanced to keep away those blackheads. Using a moisturizer that is solely meant for oily skin could bring you results that you might have never expected.

For starters you can try Iba’s Advanced Activs Crystal Clear 48HR Hydrating and Acne Fighting Aloe Vera Gel that will keep your oil and hydration level in check.

Learn to let it go!

All I mean to tell you is that if that black spot is bothering you and you’ve been doing all you can to pop it and get rid of it but it just wouldn’t behave or come out; then just let it be. Blackheads can be popped out only when they mature, so if you’re scratching and poking away to glory, you’re only harming your own skin and nothing else.

Sometimes these stubborn blackheads might not be blackheads at all! That’s right! It could be deep cysts or milia that appear to look like blackheads. In both cases you need to visit a dermatologist and get help!

And lastly! Keep your skin clean, drink water, stay hydrated and moisturise definitely!

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