Top 5 Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

Top 5 Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

There are so many pieces of advice, hacks & routines out there for pimples, dry skin, tanning, blemishes – you name it! Some work, some are just myth! 

But sorry to burst your bubbles ladies – if you have been committing the below mentioned skincare mistakes and assuming that you’re doing the right thing then than I am sorry but not sorry, you need a rethink! Winks! 

Your skin is like a tiny baby that needs a lot of love, care and dedicated time. Even the slightest mistake can harm your face, because your face skin is the most delicate textured skin compared to the rest of your body and also the most exposed. 

Let’s check out a few mistakes that you must stop right now! 

Applying sunscreen only during summers 

Somehow this concept is followed by more people than we know. Suncreen’s sole job isn’t just to protect you from tanning, hyperpigmentation or ageing. But it works towards something way more important like skin cancer that is caused by the harmful UV rays from the sun. 

So, from now on make sure that you never skip your sunscreen no matter what weather or season it is. Never let the weather or season be a deciding factor for your sunscreen. It’s time to be your own sunscreen boss – wear it whenever you step out. 

Picking and popping up zits 

90% of you who are reading this right now are already guilty! Popping a zit could be really tempting but like you know, no level of temptation for anything like this could be ever good! 

So, here’s what happens when you squeeze and pop your zit: the bacteria living the zit will also spread to the pores around the zit and cause a breakout in the entire area. Not only this, popping a zit ruptures the skin, which will leave a permanent mark on your skin. While all this popping happens, the normal healing time of your zit will also increase, leaving your zit look sore and at times it is painful too! So, stop right there and let it settle and heal by itself! 

Applying your eye crème in the wrong order

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and hence, eye crèmes are usually extremely thin in texture. Therefore, if you’re applying your serum, and then your moisturizer and then your eye crème…then darling, you’re doing it the wrong way. Your eye crème won’t be able to push its way down to your eyes. 

So, all you need to do is, apply your eye crème as your first step and then go on to apply your serum and moisturizer. If you’ve been doing this mistake, then this is your answer to why your dark circles aren’t going away! 

Letting your skin dry out 

Have you been avoiding moisturizers because you have a few active pimples and your skin feels oily? Well, guilty as charged! 

I have done this too, but it is so wrong for your skin. Oily and pimple prone skin also needs hydration and moisture. If you’re letting your skin dry out, then it’ll make your skin more irritated, prone to inflammation and eventually it’ll turn extremely sensitive. Hence, it is best that you choose the right product that will not only hydrate your skin but also gradually treat your pimple. 

We suggest that you choose the Aloe Vera Gel that fights against acne and pimples while keeping your oily skin hydrated. 

Skincare routine before bed 

There’s nothing better than doing your skincare routine at night before bed, but again there’s no bigger mistake if you’re doing it right before bed and feeding all your awesome products to your pillow! Night time is the best time to do your skincare because your skin gets the time to rest and soak in all the products and also, there’s no question of dust or pollution touching your face. But all you need to make sure is that do your night skincare routine an hour before you go to bed so that, the products that you have applied don’t get wiped off on your pillow and waste both products & the entire routine. 

We don’t mean to make you feel guilty, but if you have been committing these mistakes then it’s time to stop and learn right now! 

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Contributed by Donna.