How to choose the right Face Wash

How to choose the right Face Wash

Sounds fairly simple right – which face wash is best for Indian skin? 

Nope, it is not! Because our skin is not all the same & has varying textures. 

Don’t pick a face wash just because the packaging looks cute! Yeah! Guilty as charged, I do it too even though when I know I shouldn’t! 

Choosing the right face wash is as important as choosing the right moisturizer and skincare. Which also means that you must know what your skin type is and what it actually needs. 

If you know what your skin type is then that’s awesome, but in case you don’t know what your skin type is then here’s a little experiment for you. 

So, what you need to do is this: 

When you wake up in the morning, splash some cold water on your face and don’t wipe it off. Let the water dry off on its own. Now, if your face feels dry then you have dry skin, if your face feels oily and sticky then you have oily skin, if your face feels partly dry and partly oily then you have combination skin. And, if your face feels hydrated but not too oily then you have normal skin. 

If you have the kind of skin that feels a little dry during winters and a little oily during summers then you have either normal to dry skin or normal to oily skin. 

Now, let’s check out a few face washes that your skin will fall in love with! Iba has newly launched their brand new Advanced Activs Face wash range that has been curated with love and science so that your skin gets the kind of love it deserves! 

Let’s check them out! 

Iba Advanced Activs Youth Preserve Vitamin C Face Wash 

This face wash is almost like a dream and it smells absolutely delightful! This face wash is meant for reducing dullness and brightening tired skin. It gently exfoliates and reduces tanning and pigmentation. The best part is, it is dermatologically tested and clinically proven to give you results that you desire. 

This awesome face wash is infused with natural cellulose beads with Vitamin E which gently exfoliates your skin. It has skin friendly fruit ingredients like orange peel, lemon peel and amla extracts which acts like a major boost of Vitamin C. It also has hyaluronic acid and fruitage complex to give you that extra glow. 

Grab your skin glow genie wash now! 

Iba Advanced Activs Crystal Clear Green Tea Face Wash 

This facewash is every teenager’s wish! Because why not! This face wash has all the right ingredients that fight against pimples and acne. It removes excess oil, dirt and bacteria, unclogs pores and cleanses deeply without leaving your skin feeling dry and dehydrated. It also reduces the chances of acne breakouts and pimples while fading away old marks. The cool thing about Iba face washes is that, they are paraben free and yet have a high foaming formula that is gentle on the skin. 

The Green Tea Face Wash contains 1% Salicylic Acid which is an awesome ingredient that fights against oily skin and acne causing bacteria. It also helps in unclogging pores. Think of it like a highly effective mop that cleans out your pores & rids your skin of excess oil & dirt. Along with green tea extract, it is also infused with willow bark and witch hazel extracts which help in tightening pores and reduces blemishes. Lastly, it has neem which is an excellent ingredient that prevents acne and pimples.

In short, this face wash is truly every teenager’s dream. 

Iba Advanced Activs Ultra White Skin Tone Perfecting Face Wash 

Will this face wash with a fancy name make you several shades fairer? Nope! We believe that you and your skin are beautiful just the way you are! 

This face wash will definitely help your skin by fighting against pigmentation, marks and blemishes. It will make your skin softer, smoother, and reveal even toned clear skin. It cleanses your skin deeply without leaving it dry. 

This awesome face wash is infused with niacinamide which helps in fading blemishes and marks, soothes acne and also protects against skin damage. It also has marshmallow flower, rice bran, licorice extracts that helps in lightening and brightening your face. 

These face washes are surely made for different purposes, but the best thing is that these face washes are suitable for all skin types! 

So, go and grab what your skin needs!

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