Beauty Snacking for the soul

Beauty Snacking for the soul

Snacking! Does this make your stomach rumble & your mouth water?

Well, that’s what you just read but it definitely isn’t the kind of snacking you know of… Confused? Well, so was I! 

Now, this all-new term ‘beauty snacking’ is something that your skin would be happy with. This new term came into existence during the covid lockdown, when most of us would be stuck inside our homes and get drained emotionally and mentally because of all the stress that came along with homes converted to offices and classrooms. Work from home seemed okay in the beginning but for most, work from home turned into uncalculated working hours, combining house hold chores and office work, and also managing time for cooking and looking after families at the same time. Phew! What a phase it was! 

During this time, we would have taken tiny breaks to pamper our skin, which was not only relaxing but also extremely awesome for its health. 

Now, let’s check out a few beauty snacks right here, which satiate not your tummy but your skin! 


Doesn’t matter if you have a zoom meeting scheduled on a busy Monday morning, a little bit of masking time never harms you. Be it a sheet mask or the Iba 3-in-1 Instant Facial, just apply it and attend your meeting unless you need to show your pretty face on the camera. Your meeting will be done and by the end of it, go wash it off & your face will feel happy and hydrated! 

Lip Care 

Chapped lips? No worry, now you can use the Iba lip scrub and lip sleeping mask in between your presentation report drafting & lining up the numbers. Just take a little amount of the lip scrub and massage all over your lips well. Wipe off once done, and use the lip sleeping mask like a lip balm. Your pout will feel like a winner even before your work report is done. 

Hand Care 

Pretty face, winning smile with rough, hard hands aren’t the best combination. The pandemic has brought along an immense amount of sanitizer rubbing, which is quite a strong formula for your skin. This also contributes to making your hands rough and dry. Make sure you take your beauty snacking break and moisturize your hands and fingers well to prevent dry, cut skin prone to infection. This will enhance your overall skin health as well. 

Face Mist 

Admit it guys! We have all taken naps while we were stuck with our ‘work from home’ fiesta! So, when you wake up, wouldn’t you like a fresh burst of heavenly mist on your face right after you splash some cold water to get back to work? 

Think of it like tea for your skin! That would feel absolutely amazing and you’re going to feel super recharged to begin again! 

So, these were few beauty snacking ideas that you can try next time when you’re too busy with work! Get a chill beauty snack, babe!

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