Ramadan Radiance – Soul & Skin

Ramadan Radiance – Soul & Skin

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Ramadan Kareem - it is that time of the year when you finally take time off your busy lifestyle and focus on spirituality & spending time with your family. It is that time when you finally get time to introspect and honor all your faithful beliefs. 

Ramadan is a month of prayers, purity and fasting. The fasting ritual of Ramadan begins at dawn and ends with dusk, which means a long duration of fasting without food, water and a disrupted sleeping schedule. 

While your soul is enriched during this holy month, it is your skin that tends to get tired with all the hectic schedules. Low intake of food and water makes your skin dull and dehydrated, and also it brings on those unwanted dark circles. 
The fasting and prayers must go on no matter what! But we’re going to make sure that you set your skincare routine right so that your skin doesn’t suffer and you stay well hydrated throughout the day. 

And, to make your Ramadan skincare needs easier, Iba has specially curated a special Ramadan Special Skin Care Combo. This combo consists of everything that you’ll ever need for an instant hydration and refreshment boost for your skin. 

Ramadan Special Skincare Combo

There are a total of four products in this combo –
  1. Youth Preserve Vitamin C Face Wash,
  2. Youth Preserve Triple Effect Eye Crème,
  3. Aloe Aqua Pure Aloe Vera Gel   and
  4. 3-in-1 Rose Water Toner

Why these specific products, you may ask? 

Since you now know what is in the combo, here’s your skin care regime that you can follow while you are fasting and also before you rest at night. 
Night time is the best time to do your skincare regime, because this is the time when you are done with your most tasks and your skin finally rests and there is absolutely no pollution or dust to disrupt your skincare ritual. 

Ramadan Skincare Regime before bed 

During Ramadan, by the time you fall asleep, it is already time to wake up for ‘sehri’. Which means your sleep cycle is disrupted and that could end up stressing your system resulting in dark circles. Taking care of your skin during Ramadan is absolutely crucial. 

Begin with washing your face with the Youth Preserve Vitamin C Face Wash. This will not only cleanse your face, but it will also give your skin the right amount of Vitamin C boost that will refresh and energize your skin instantly. Pat dry once you are done. 

The next step is, another major boost of freshness and hydration. Yes, you guessed it right! It is the 3-in-1 Rose Water Toner. Shake well before you use this rose water toner to evenly spread the ingredients in the bottle. Hold the bottle at an arm’s distance and spray all over your face and let it set by itself. Avoid rubbing or patting, let the fresh fluids soak in to your skin. Your skin will feel fresh and hydrated instantly.

Once your refreshing rose water sets in, take your Youth Preserve Triple Effect Eye Crème and apply three dots under each eye. Now, with your ring finger tips, apply the eye crème in a tap-tap motion until the crème is completely absorbed in. Avoid rubbing and massaging in your eye crème vigorously because that might irritate the skin around your eyes. The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate, hence take utmost care. Also, never ever miss out on your eye crème, because this is your only weapon against dark circles.

The last step is moisturization. Take the Aloe Aqua Pure Aloe Vera Gel and apply it all over your face and neck and gently massage it in an upward motion until all the gel is well soaked in. This will lock in all the much-needed moisture into your skin and keep you well hydrated while you rest for the night.

Ramadan Skincare tips for the day 

Fasting without food and water especially during the peak of summers can be truly challenging and it is also extremely commendable for those who complete it. Sometimes, your skin tends to feel irritated and dehydrated through the day, hence you can try few of these tricks to stay fresh. 

Whenever you’re washing up for your namaz during the day, pick the Youth Preserve Vitamin C face wash for cleansing. This will cleanse and also hydrate your skin with the right amount of Vitamin C and moisture. 

Once your namaz is complete, take your 3-in-1 Rose Water Toner and spray it all over your face and neck for an instant dose of refreshment and hydration. 
And, for the rest of the times of the day whenever your skin feels dry and dull, just wash up with plain cold water and apply your Aloe Aqua Pure Aloe Vera Gel right after. This will instantly hydrate your skin and leave your skin feeling fresh and plump. Remember, Iba Cosmetics are Halal-certified & the best products to use, especially in Ramadan! 

We hope these tips help you stay hydrated with happy skin during auspicious season! Ramadan Mubarak to all of you who’ve just read this piece! 

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