Beauty Sleep – the ultimate skin tonic!

Beauty Sleep – the ultimate skin tonic!

Getting your routine beauty sleep may sound a bit cliché but oh! Beauty sleep is a goddamn real thing. During the sleeping hours, your body automatically goes into the repairing and regenerating process to recover from the damage made throughout the day. Lack of sleep can take away your goal to achieve clear, fresh & rosy skin. Breakouts, premature ageing, uneven skin tone, dark puffy under eyes, all of these things might be happening if you aren’t sleeping well.

Hence sleep well, folks. Now that we talked about sleeping well, using the right products at bedtime for your skin is as important as your shuteye. On days we don’t get enough sleep or we are aware that we are going to get less amount of sleep there’s one magical product that can be at your rescue and that product is a Sleeping Mask.

What is a sleeping mask?

Going to bed is the best feeling, isn’t it? But what if your skin gets to recharge and refresh throughout the night? What a bonus, right?  A mask that doesn’t require you to sit & wait for 15-20 minutes, instead you can just lay in your bed right away. It’s a face mask that you have to leave on your skin overnight –  it dives right into the skin working its magic without you putting any effort.

How does a sleeping mask benefit your skin?

Sleeping masks are designed with ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin while you sleep. It's meant to work as a skin barrier & sealer. It protects your skin from dust & dirt from entering into your pores & helps in locking in your previous skincare products. Its main purpose is to last longer on your face delivering potent & stronger results while your skin is in its night renewal process, wearing a sleeping mask is just a bonus help to your skin.

Hydration is extremely important, be it whatever skin type you are. It helps in locking in the moisture better.

Which Sleeping mask to use & how?

There are so many products out there which advertise “active ingredients”, “natural formula”, etc. Take a closer look at what ingredients make up the products you purchase. Certain combinations, such as Vitamin C mixed with Retinol are not skin-friendly and might cause more harm than good.

While looking out for a sleeping mask, the key focus has to be on ingredients that provide you hydration with quick absorption and what’s the best ingredient for hydration?

Hyaluronic Acid & Rose Water.

Iba’s Must-Have Dream Glow Sleeping Mask has the best of both worlds. It’s also infused with 24K Karat Gold which gives your skin a healthy, gleaming finish. Hyaluronic acid replenishes the moisture & locks it in for that plump, bouncy skin & reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Rose water helps with detoxifying, soothing & calming the skin and also acts as a toner.

The application is easy peasy -

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