Must Have Base Makeup Essentials – Foundation & Compact Powder

Must Have Base Makeup Essentials – Foundation & Compact Powder

When it comes to makeup, your makeup will only look good and flawless when your base makeup is done properly. The key to a flawless base makeup is to take your time and blend your base makeup products well so that your makeup looks natural and flawless. For this it is important to understand the different base makeup products and benefits according to your skin type.  

Foundation vs Compact Powder

Let us begin with understanding two of the most basic makeup products which are a foundation and a compact powder. Now when it comes to compact vs foundation, both are two extremely different products with different benefits. A foundation is mostly in a cream-based or a liquid-based form, whereas a compact powder is always  in loose form or in a compact form. Both these products are extremely essential when it comes to doing flawless base makeup. Your liquid foundation helps in even toning your skin and giving your natural skin a beautiful glow. Whereas your compact powder helps in setting your makeup and making it last longer while giving your makeup a beautiful matte finish. You can also use these products individually according to your needs and at the same time you can also use both the products together depending on the kind of finish you are looking for. 

Foundation Benefits

When it comes to compact vs foundation, both have different benefits. Let us begin with the benefits of a foundation. A foundation helps in even toning your skin and also hides pigmentations and imperfections. If you have dark circles then with a little colour correction, your foundation will help in hiding them and also it will help in even toning your skin. Not just this, you also need to apply your foundation on your neck and your ears so that your skin, neck, and ears all have the same skin tone and your makeup looks natural and flawless. 

There are different kinds of foundation available in the market. If you want a sheer to medium coverage, then the best foundation for you will be a liquid foundation. If you want full coverage that is also long-lasting and matte then you will need a cream foundation. Some foundations have also SPF infused in them which makes it an excellent choice for day time wear. 

Compact Powder Uses

There are multiple compact powder uses for your skin and makeup. The first use of a compact powder is to set your makeup and make it long-lasting while giving it a beautiful matte finish. On days when you don’t want to wear makeup, you can apply your primer and finish off with your compact powder for a flawless and a matte finish. Not just this, your compact powder plays a major role when it comes to fixing and touching up your makeup during the day. Your compact powder instantly freshens up your makeup making you look fresh and glowing. 

If you are wondering on how to choose a compact powder then the best solution for you is to swatch it on your hand at a store or when you are shopping online you can check out models who have similar skin tones as you. This will make it extremely easy for you to buy the right compact powder.  

How to do a perfect base makeup

Be it makeup for fair skin tone or proper makeup tips for dusky skin tone, the one common thing about all skin tones is that you need to do a perfect base makeup for your entire makeup to look flawless and glowing.  

Let us begin by understanding how to use foundation on face. First of all you need to begin with cleansing your face well so that all the dirt and impurities are washed off thoroughly. Next, you need to apply a serum or a moisturiser for hydration and moisturisation. After this, if you are stepping out in the daytime then don’t forget to apply your sunscreen lotion. Once your skincare is done, you need to apply a primer so that your pores are filled and all your pigmentations are blurred out. Your primer also helps in creating a fine canvas for your makeup. Not just this, your primer also helps in making your makeup last longer. Once your primer is done, you can use the colour corrector for pigmentation and dark circles and then apply your foundation in dots all over your face. If you want a sheer coverage then you need to use a damp beauty blender to blend your foundation and if you want a full coverage then you can use a foundation brush to blend your foundation. Next, you need to apply a concealer under your eyes, on your nose bridge, on your forehead, and on your chin for highlights. You can also apply it on areas where you have marks or dark spots for an even tone finish. Finally, you need to use your compact powder to set your makeup and make it last long. This is how you can use foundation on your face for a flawless finish. 

Dewy base & matte base makeup

Your compact powder and your foundation also plays a major role when it comes to doing dewy base makeup and matte base makeup. For a dewy base makeup you need to apply a primer and follow it up with your foundation using a damp beauty blender. Once your blending is complete you can then apply your concealer followed by your highlighter. For a dewy base you need to skip out on your compact powder so that the dewy finish remains intact on your skin.  

For a matte finish, you need to apply your primer and then follow it up with your foundation and concealer and let it set for a few seconds. Finish off with your compact powder for a flawless matte finish. You can also apply a makeup fixer once your makeup is complete so that your makeup remains fresh and matte throughout the day. Hence, when it comes to foundation vs compact powder, both the products are equally important and have different purposes that give your make up a flawless finish.


1.Is it necessary to pick the same shade of foundation and compact powder?

Yes, it is essential to choose the same shades of foundation and compact powder for your base makeup so that your make up looks seamless and flawless.

2.Can I use a compact powder without a foundation?

The difference between compact powder and foundation is that the former is a powder-based product and the latter is a cream-based product. When used together, these two products give you full coverage and if used individually – the powder will give you a matte finish and using only the foundation will give you a duty finish. So yes, you can use a compact powder without a foundation.

3.Can I mix two shades of foundation together?

If a particular shade of foundation is not suiting you, then you can mix a lighter shade of foundation and a darker shade of foundation to create a foundation shade that suits your skin tone.