Ultimate Guide To Choose the Best Compact Powder For Your Skin

Ultimate Guide To Choose the Best Compact Powder For Your Skin

There is nothing more satisfying than perfectly set makeup, and for that we do have makeup setters now, but the OG of all makeup setters has always been a compact powder. Compact powders work like a dream when it comes to setting your makeup and re-touching your makeup.

Compact powder is a great makeup product that works in multiple ways. You can use it to set your makeup, you can use it to give your makeup a nice matte finish. You can also use your compact powder during your day to touch up your makeup and look fresh instantly. Your compact powder also helps in controlling oil production, if you have oily skin.

And you are lucky to have so many options when it comes to picking the best compact powder for your face. There were times when compact powder was created using a DIY trick of mixing baby powder with a pinch of coffee. But fret not people, you are blessed with the options ever!

Who knew one simple makeup product could do so much. So, let us check out a few of the best compact powder for your face.

Iba Must Have Velvet Matte Compact

If you are looking for a compact powder for sensitive skin, then Iba’s Must Have Velvet Matte Compact Powder is a great option. This compact powder also has SPF 15 which makes it a great choice for day time wear, as well as for night time wear. Infused with natural mineral colours, this compact powder is safe for daily use. The best thing about this compact powder is that it instantly gives your makeup a perfect matte-finish without drying your skin or making your skin feel dehydrated. Hence, this compact powder for dry skin is a great choice.

On days when you are running late, you can also use this compact powder like a compact foundation. All you need to do is apply your moisturiser and your sunscreen on cleansed skin, and then apply your primer. This will give your skin a nice boost of hydration and will also prep and protect your skin. Next, just apply your compact all over your face and neck and you are ready for the day. Hence, this is one of the best compact foundations.

There are four amazing shades available in this compact powder range. If you are looking for a compact for dusky skin then the ‘golden sand’ shade would blend perfectly for your skin tone. The compact powder for wheatish skin tone would be the ‘medium beige’ shade. And, if you are fair or medium fair then shades like ‘cool vanilla’ and ‘ivory fair’ would work like magic.

You can also use your compact powder to prep your eye shadow base before beginning your makeup. This not only sets your base makeup, but also makes a smooth canvas for your eye shadow colours to pop.

Iba Perfect Look Long Wear Mattifying Compact

Another awesome compact powder range from Iba is the Iba Perfect Look Long Wear Mattifying Compact, which is available in four amazing shades. The most unique quality of this compact powder is that it has been infused with Vitamin E which makes it a great option when it comes to picking a compact powder for dry skin. Because Vitamin E is specially meant to keep your skin hydrated and provide moisture at all times. This compact powder has also been crafted with SPF 15 which helps in protecting your skin against sun damage and tanning. Which also means that you won't need an extra sunscreen lotion. You can apply and reapply this compact powder throughout the day for a fresh and hydrated look, while also keeping your skin protected from the sun.

The best thing about this compact powder is that it has been dermatologically tested and so this is a great compact powder for sensitive skin as well. This compact is also free from parabens and alcohol, hence it is absolutely safe and good for your skin.

If you check out the shades, the best compact for dusky skin would be the shade ‘natural coral’. This shade has a beautiful natural undertone that blends in with your skin’s natural tone really well without leaving a white cast.

If you have medium skin tone, the ‘medium shell’ would work really well. If you have fair or medium fair skin tone, then shades like ‘snow white’ and ‘fair pearl’ will work like a dream.


How do I choose compact powder for my skin?

Based on your skin texture, you can opt for compact powders which have coverage - if you have acne prone skin, opt for a high-coverage foundation. If your skin is smooth and neutral, you can go for a simple mattifying compact. When choosing a compact, ensure it is super fine with no inconsistencies in grain size. This will help prevent any unsightly cakeyness to your finished look.

Which compact is best for normal skin?

Any compact which matches your skin tone and is not very coarse in texture will work for normal skin. Limit the quantity to ensure that your base layers are still visible and use gentle dabbing motions to apply the compact - do not drag the applicator across your face. Iba’s Must Have Velvet Matte Compact is the best in class to help you achieve a polished, matte look.

Which compact powder is best for Indian skin?

Compacts like Iba’s Pure Skin as well as Must Have ranges have only mineral colors, are manufactured under very controlled conditions and resist contamination due to their sturdy packaging and convenient applicators. One must opt for such cruelty free compact powders to ensure no skin breakouts, good coverage and a silken matte finish due to its super fine texture.

Which compact is best for daily use?

Compact powder is a very quick touch up whether you are at a function or just wish to freshen up after a long day at college or at work. Compact powders with a smooth, fine texture, not made with animal ingredients, packaged hygienically and bought from a reputed brand like Iba Cosmetics should be the best compact powder for daily use.