Makeup tips for dusky skin tone

Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin Tone

If you’re blessed with that beautiful dusky skin complexion then just know that you were created with love and lots of chocolate; always sweet and forever bold!

But we know that skin tone does not decide your love for makeup and that’s why we’re here for you ladies! Makeup has forever been a girl’s best friend (ruling over diamonds) and forever a mood changer!

Has it ever occurred to you that you’re just bored of wearing a compact only and you’ve always ended up buying lipsticks of nude or just similar shades time and again? We totally get you and that’s why we’re here for you!

Let’s help you up in your makeup game for that next party or wedding that’s on the way. Here are some of the best makeup tips for dusky skin.

Makeup ideas for dark skin

First and foremost and probably the most important step: MOISTURIZE! Use a serum or a moisturizer; pick whatever suits you but make sure that you moisturize for sure. For best results you can try Iba Advanced Activs Youth Preserve Skin Glow Power Serum and if you are a beginner and you’re confused about which step to follow fast then you can try the Insta Glow Pre Makeup Serum which works like a primer as well as a serum.

Once you’re done with this step, apply your primer. Is it important? Well, of course it is extremely important. If you haven’t used a primer yet, then you won’t know how awesome the product is. And once you use it, there’s absolutely no going back!

So what does a primer do exactly? A primer acts as the base for your makeup and also acts as a film between your skin and your makeup. A primer also gives your makeup a flawless finish making it last longer. So you can pick Iba Photo Perfect HD Primer that is known to transform your skin in 5 ways – smoothens, mattifies, fills pores and fine lines and enhances radiance.

Primer? Check! Time for some for the dusky beauty that you are, we have the perfect shade of foundation for you. Go with Iba Pure Skin Liquid Foundation’s shade – Golden Beige. It would be the perfect blend to make your features sharper. This foundation is a liquid based foundation which gives your skin a natural and a sheer finish. But if you are looking for a full coverage foundation for dusky skin then we also have the Iba Must Have Foundation in shades of Golden Sand and Warm Caramel. These foundation shades for dusky skin work beautifully and it makes your skin look fresh and flawless throughout the day.

What about summer evenings and melted makeup? A nightmare of course and we have the right solution for that as well! Iba Perfect Look Long Wear Mattifying Compact Powder in the shade –Natural Coral. Carry your compact powder in your purse, it’s the most handy makeup fixer when you’re in a hurry or you never know when that sudden date comes up (winks). 

If you have oily skin and your makeup tends to look oily and shiny frequently, then you can opt for the Iba Must Have Velvet Matte Compact Powder which gives your skin and instant matte look while controlling excess oil production throughout the day.

Now, let’s move on to the most fun part! Lipsticks! Yasss! No matter which type you are – Liquid matte, creamy matte or just creamy lipstick...we have it all sorted for you! 

A dusky beauty needs her shades sorted in a way that it makes her pout pop. And shade is the game changer here; light colours will be as good as colourless lip balms, bold deep shades work like a boss here! Lipstick shades for dusky skin must always be around a darker undertone for the complexion to pop. 

Let’s start with Iba’s  Pure Lips Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick; if you’re looking for a deep maroon or crimson finish then Mystique Maroon and Fearless Red are your shades. If you’re more of a cocoa or wine-ish kind of person then Caramel and Burgundy are your buddies!

If you’re more into creamy mattes then Iba’s Pure Lips Long Stay Matte is your new mate! (rhyming intended). Again, if you’re into browns then Toffee Brown and Mocha Shot shall be your picks. Or if you’re into deep wines and maroons then Deep Mauve and Wild Magenta are your shades. These will make your skin colour glow!

If you’re looking for something more moisturizing, then Iba’s Pure Lips Moisture Rich Lipstick could be your new favourite. And, we have the perfect maroons and browns sorted for you – Ruby Touch, Pure Red, Maroon Burst and Caramel Creme.

And lastly if you are someone who prefers non transfer lipstick then we have Iba Must Have Transfer Proof Ultra Matte Lipstick. This range has a variety of red lipsticks and nude lipsticks which are great for all skin types and also for a dusky skin tone.

Hold on! We are not done yet...what about your pretty eyes? Go bold with some Iba All Day Kohl Kajal on your waterline, with a little winged liner with Iba’s Long Stay Liquid Liner. If you’re in a more funky mood then we have this amazing Iba Eye Talk HD Eye Shadow – Glam Life. But, no matter what mood you’re in; your lashes deserve to flutter with Iba Black N Bold 24 Hr HD Mascara. Now you can let your eyes talk!

Apart from these amazing make up tips for dusky skin, we also have a few of the best makeup kits specially curated for all skin types and also for dusky skin tone. Makeup combos like these are extremely easy to purchase and get sorted immediately because all the products that you need for a perfect make up for dusky skin are all sorted in one box. These makeup boxes are very easy to carry and compact which helps in keeping all your makeup in one place. These boxes are a great option for you and also a wonderful gifting option for your friends and relatives during special occasions and festivals.


1.Is it necessary to pick a foundation according to my exact skin tone?

If you have dusky skin tone, it is extremely important that you pick a foundation that matches your complexion perfectly. If you pick a shade lighter than your skin tone, your makeup is going to oxidise and it will make your skin look grey. Hence picking a foundation similar to your skin tone is essential.

2.Is compact powder necessary?

If you have oily skin, then you will need a compact powder to set your makeup and make it last longer. If you want a dewy look makeup then you can skip out on your compact powder. Apart from this, you can also use your compact powder to touch up your makeup whenever you wish to.

3.Which is the best blush shade for dusky skin tone?

For a dusky skin tone, you can pick a dark pink or a maroon for your blush and blend it out well. This will give you a beautiful and a natural flushed look.

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