Your perfect manicure at home

Your perfect manicure at home

Unkempt nails is as good as walking in to a party in your PJs! Messed up? Yes absolutely messy and sad!

Stuck at home or just wanting to try something new like ‘saving money’ for a change? Well, it’s always a good time to start something new how about doing your own manicure at home!

Pretty interesting huh? Well, it’s even more fun to do it with your girls. Get them over and let’s have some fun!

Step 1: Clean your nails

Doesn’t matter if you have nail colour on or it like the pros. Take some Iba Argan Oil Enriched Nail Colour Remover and clean your nails. This will remove any type of dirt or oil that might have been stuck on your nails. Once done, wash off your hands with a mild hand wash and cold water.

Step 2: Clip, buff...file!

Clipping is immensely important even if you want to keep your nails long. Give it a little trimming and then gently file in one direction to get your tips square, round or just as funky as you’d like it to be. Once you’re done with the clipping and the filing, buff the tops and the sides of your nails with a nail buffer. Buffing makes your nails smooth and make them look more youthful. (You can purchase the nail buffer from any online portal like amazon or nykaa J)

Step 3: Back-off with the cuticles

Prep your nails with a cuticle remover, and in case you don’t have one then you can use any natural oil or maybe a lip balm. This will moisturise your cuticles and make them soft and easy to deal with. After this, take a cuticle pusher and push back all your cuticles.

But, make sure that you don’t cut them off, because cuticles protect your nails from bacteria and keep them soft.

Step 4: Exfoliate your hands

Take a body scrub and exfoliate your hands, wrists and forearms. In case you don’t have a body scrub, you can DIY one or just use Iba’s 3-in-1 Fairness Instant Fairness Facial. Exfoliate well and clean any grime from under your nails. Once done, wash off with cold water. If you wanna feel a little more pampered, you can even leave it on like a mask before washing it off!

Step 5: Moisturise!!!

Moisturise! This is one of the most important steps! Take a moisturizer or a body lotion and moisturise well. Give yourself a mini hand massage – so what if you’re not at a’re your own boss right now! So do it! Once you’re done swipe off any remaining moisturiser.

After this, take some nail polish remover and clean your nails with a nails to get rid of any residue.

Step 6: Splash on some colour!

Now comes the fun part! Pick your favourite colour and paint your nails. Make sure your first coat is thin and let it dry for at least 2 minutes before you apply your second coat. If you’ve picked a pastel colour, then you can go in for a third coat as well.

You’ve done a lot of hard work girl! And I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if your nail colours stain your nails yellow. Nightmare!! No worries pick Iba’s Argan Oil Enriched Breathable Nail Color, because these ones are breathable and they’re also air and water permeable. Iba’s nail colors are also wuzu friendly& Halal Certified… We are sure you must be wondering how!!!!! Read on…

Iba Breathable Nail colors contain a breakthrough Oxygen Resin-Complex with Advanced Oxygen Technology. It creates a non-occlusive film that is permeable both to air and moisture and still highly adherent to the nail. This happens at a molecular level which is not visible by the naked eye. This Advanced Oxygen Technology has been developed and tested by Laboratories National d’Esssais in France and complies with Islamic Laws as it is certified halal and Wuzu friendly by IHI Alliance as well as approved and sold by many Brands in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, UK, USA, Europe and Dubai.

Step 7: Finish off...

...with a topcoat! A topcoat protects your manicure from chipping and adds that extra shine to your nails. Do not underrate this step and make sure you do this! And if you’re in a mood for something subtle, then just wear a top coat for that clean shine and skip the nail colour!

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