Why Vegan Lipsticks Are Better

Why Vegan Lipsticks Are Better

What are vegan lipsticks?

Why are vegan lipsticks better? 

Well, let me just tell you that by the end of this blog all you would want to do is opt for only vegan lipsticks from now on! Confused? Let me tell you why! 

Just for starters, did you know that the red lipstick that makes you feel like a super star actually has cute little lady-bug like beetles ground up in them? Totally crushed and killed so that you can have the most perfect red lip color? No? Well, like we mentioned, there is more. 

As terrible as it sounds, non-vegan lipsticks, especially dark hued ones like reds, maroons and deep pinks contain an ingredient called carmine, which is actually the scientific name for the pigment which comes from crushed beetles. It is sad and disgusting at the same time, that the lipstick that you are wearing actually has dead and crushed insects in them. 

Secondly, most of the time you might have enjoyed the amazing lip-balm-like moisturization your lipsticks gives you. Well, sorry to break this amazing feeling you had till now, but a non-vegan lipstick gets its moisture mainly from pig fat, camel fat, sheep fat (lanolin), squalene (fish oil) and beeswax. These ingredients not only make us feel queasy, but reminds us that  somewhere some animal is being tortured and harmed to acquire these by product ingredients from them so that the ‘perfect’ lipstick can be made for you. 

Usage of such ingredients not only makes these lipsticks undesirable but it also makes them impure and non-Halal for usage. And to think of it, we have swallowed most of this horrible lipstick all our lives! And if you are human, then this would surely make you cringe already! 

We know now your next big question is, ‘Do vegan lipsticks exist?’ and ‘Do Halal lipsticks exist?’ 

And to answer your question in short, yes, they absolutely do exist and they are made and manufactured in the safest form with the purest of ingredients. 

And what about the quality? Well, vegan lipsticks are made with ingredients that perfectly mimic the non-vegan variant without compromising on the quality or the shade that you would desire. 

Few vegan ingredients that are used in place of non-vegan ingredients are shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, marula oil, Moroccan argan oil, aloe vera oil, coconut oil, olive oil, plant based waxes and plant based colors. 

Let us check out a few vegan lipstick brands in India 

Iba Cosmetics 

Iba Cosmetics has been catering us with vegan and Halal certified lipsticks and makeup products for more than 7 years now. Iba offers three variants of lipsticks selection – moisture rich, long stay matte and liquid matte with a variety of more than 35 shades to choose from. These lipsticks have been loved, reviewed and appreciated by numerous leading influencers, actors and makeup lovers from India and other countries alike. These lipsticks give out amazing color and quality pay-off that is way better than any other non-vegan lipstick. 


Lipsticks from Nykaa are a delight any day! Nykaa has quite a few ranges of lipstick collections to offer which are purely vegan. With absolutely no compromise on the quality and color, it is truly commendable on the 45+ number of shades that this brand offers us with. So, next time if your question yourself on how many vegan shades of lipsticks you would actually find, you know where to check your options! 


We have always loved the very name of this brand ‘Mamaearth’ – it gives us all the pure and earthly vibes that speak of only quality and purity. This brand offers 9 pretty shades of pure vegan lip color that not enhances your overall look but it also cares for your lips with the goodness of avocado oil and Vitamin E. The cool part about Mamaearth lipsticks is that it stays on for 12 hours without smudging. And, here’s your cue to go on and shop now! 

Just Herbs 

Again, the brand name right here suggests of what we’re expecting from the brand! Just Herbs liquid lipsticks are a total delight from the point of view of quality, to their pretty nudes and brown shades. These lipsticks are subtle and have the best hydrating formula that you would wish for in a liquid matte lipstick. While making you look awesome, these lipsticks are kind enough to take care of your lips as well because these lipsticks have been infused with goodness of sweet almond oil, cica and liquorice extracts that moisturizes your lips without causing pigmentation and darkness. 

Like promised, we are now sure that from now on you will only want to opt for vegan lipsticks and nothing else because, “A Queen deserves the best always!”

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