What is maskne?

What is maskne?

Kripya mask pehne rahein” is a constant refrain these days!

Absolutely necessary! No matter how suffocating it is! 

Masks – it is probably the worst and the best part about this pandemic. Best, because it has literally been our savior during these tough times. And, worst because come on! All that mehnat with all that gorgeous makeup and smudge it and ruin it off by wearing that mask. Or you actually wear your mask and by the time you take it off, you end up with a funny looking line of spots and acne! Ouch! 

Maskne might be just another new term for you that sounds super Gen Z but maskne has always existed. It has always been a major issue for professionals who have to wear masks on a daily basis for so many long hours. 

The science behind maskne 

Wearing a mask means it is meant to protect you and you can’t take it off from time to time. Which means you got to talk, breathe, inhale in that mask. Apart from being super annoying, this creates a warm, humid space around your nose and mouth. This makes it the ideal spot for yeast and bacterial infections. It also becomes the breeding ground for skin mites that might infect your skin. 

Now, we would do absolutely anything to avoid these nasties, right? So, does applying lotions, moisturizers and sunscreens help? The answer is yes! Never ever forget to moisturize your face before wearing your mask. 

Go for a light gel-based moisturizer if you have oily and acne-prone skin. The Skin Tone Perfecting Gel Crème would be a perfect pick. And, if you have dry and sensitive skin, then pick a product that has a lot of natural oils and moisture infused in it. The Hydra Burst Weightless Water Crème would be just the perfect choice.

Moisturizers help your skin by serving as a barrier against any friction or irritation that might invite maskne fellows. 

Now, I know most of you’ll would be wondering “what about makeup?” Well, a light amount of makeup is absolutely fine. Avoid wearing heavy layered makeup on daily basis, because that isn’t good for your skin with or without mask. 

Post Mask Care 

Now, that you know maskne is a real, it is equally important to know how to take care of yourself once you take off your mask. First and foremost, if you’re using a disposable mask, make sure you dispose it off once you’re done using it. The next thing is cleanse your face well. Double cleansing would be the best choice, but on regular tiring days face washing is enough. Pick a facewash that suites your skin type and which is also mild. Once you’re done cleaning your face, make you apply a good moisturizer or a serum. Avoid using anything greasy and let your skin breathe. 

For those of you who use masks made of cloth or store bought re-usable masks, then make sure you wash it every single time you use it. I know a lot of you have that guilty face right now, because let’s be honest, washing our masks every single time is sure annoying. But we got to do it if we don’t want these maskne villains in our lives!

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