Top 6 Winter Super Foods in India

Top 6 Winter Super Foods in India

Winter! This very word, this season; it all has a different charm to it! Winter is almost like a festival that brings in so much joy, cosiness and warmth.

Be it a cold hill station or just the winter season at home in your cozy blankets, it is incomplete without frequent snacking and warm liquids like soups, tea, kaadha and more. Snacking and winter go hand in hand, it is like our body sends messages, craving for a snack to keep warm.

Whatever the destination, it is absolutely a delight to sit by the bonfire and snack on tiny tit bits like toast, pakodas, marshmallows while chatting with your family and friends – yum!

Let’s check out few of the most popular winter super foods;

  1. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato, also commonly known as shakarkandi is an absolute yummy winter delight. It is easily available across the country and is rich in fibre, Vitamin A and potassium. Sweet potatoes also help in building a strong immune and digestive system. The best way to have sweet potatoes is by roasting them slowly on coal fire and sprinkling on some black salt and a few drops of lemon juice. Another way is to some enjoy it boiled with milk. Oh drools!

  1. Amla

They are tiny but they are mighty kings of Vitamin C. Amla, the good old Indian gooseberry is packed with immunity boosting elements. You can just chew on it cut into small pieces with some black salt sprinkled on them or just have it in the form of murabba, pickles, candies, chutneys or juices or simply dried & seasoned. They are delicious and beneficial in every way.

  1. Dates

Dates, the yummy sweet treats to which your mommy will always agree too! Not kidding here; dates taste amazing and they are packed in nutrients and can give you instant energy & warmth. It is also used as a natural sweetener in desserts. Dates are also known to have healing powers and they’re an amazing source of iron, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Dates are also rich in calcium, which makes it great for keeping your bones and teeth health in check.

  1. Jaggery

Avoid toffees, have jaggery instead. It is sweet, yummy, a healthy sugar alternative and super rich in iron and micronutrients. Jaggery is an excellent aid for someone suffering from anaemia; it boosts up iron levels instantly and is a great addition to your drinks as well. Maintain iron levels during winters is super essential because low iron level results in lower oxygen in the body which makes you feel colder than the usual & your body is unable to regulate your core temperature well, resulting in cold extremities. Jaggery is also a great lung cleanser, so if you’re living in a city with high pollution, make sure you pop in your jaggery right!

Have it with meals as is or make jaggery-sweetened desserts like til laddoos & halwa!

  1. Broccoli

Thanks to Tucker Budzyn, this yummy vegetable is now known as the ‘tree of doom’! But, honestly broccoli is really underestimated!

It is a yummy vegetable packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help in protecting against winter illnesses. Broccoli also plays a major role in controlling blood sugar levels, maintaining your digestive system and also your heart health.

Have it in the form of warm broccoli almond soup with some melted cheese on top & it’s a hearty nutritious meal by itself!

  1. Mustard Leaves

More popularly known as ‘sarso ka saag’, mustard leaves are a super favourite around North India during the winters. ‘Sarso ka saag’ is enjoyed best with makke (corn) ki roti or flatbread, and this yummy combination keeps the body warm and provides all the nutrition it needs. This combination isn’t just yummy, but it is also packed with vitamins like K, A and C along with a variety of minerals. This dish is benefits with those who have heart problems, asthma and menopausal symptoms.

Let’s upgrade our snacking to healthy winter snacking!

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