Skin Care for Hair Removal

Skin Care for Hair Removal

Smooth! Sleek & Shiny arms & legs are always oh so satisfying after that perfect hair removal! Waxing, shaving and depilation – they all seem worth it in the end when you see your skin satin smooth and clear. But you know what isn’t so appealing is when you run your hands to check the smoothness but you get few bumpy bumps! Ouch!

Uneven hair removal, scratches, dry skin, after-shave bumps and redness are common girly problems that come up each time you go in for a hair removal trip.

So, here’s what you can do next time to avoid these annoying post hair removal skin dramas!

Step 1 Soak Soak Soak!

Begin with wetting your skin well. Soak your arms and legs in a warm water bath if possible. Take a few drops of your favourite essential oil or shampoo if you like. I like to drop in my favourite Plant Keratin Shampoo because its fragrance is so soothing and leads to softened skin and hair.


Step 2 Soap Up! Lather Up!

After soaking in your arms and legs for about 10-15 minutes; take them out but do not wipe. Again, I like to use the Plant Keratin Shampoo as my hair removal lather. You can use any gentle body wash or just shampoo (it is such a useful hack!) like I do.

Take a small amount and lather up well. Now use your razor in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Once you’re done, run your razor in the opposite direction once again for ultimate smoothness and a satiny finish.

Step 3 Chill it with Cool Water

Wash off with cold water and make sure you do not apply any more soap or foam at this point. Massage in a circular motion and wash off all the soap and hair from your body.

Step 4 Fluff & Dry Up!

Time to dry off! Be very careful at this point and do not use a rough towel. For best results, use a cotton pad or tissue towel. Your skin is sore and your pores are open at this stage and you need to be extremely gentle and avoid irritating your skin or else you’ll end up getting bumps.

Use a ‘dab dab’ motion and dry your skin well.

Step 5 Moisturize & Feel Wow!

The last step is most important! If you guessed ‘moisturize’ then you’re absolutely right! Moisturizing not only hydrates your skin but also gives it a soft and silky finish. I like to use the Hydra Burst Weightless Water Creme; I know it isn’t a body lotion but this awesome magic product has the right amount of hydration and moisture which makes it a perfect after-care moisturizer.

Let’s go ladies! Let’s show off that fresh, smooth skin in our favourite outfits!  


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