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Rose water – the beauty elixir!

Rose water – the beauty elixir!

Cleopatra swore by roses and Rose water for all her beauty needs! And oh how she glowed! So ladies why shall you stay behind?

You might be a pro at homemade DIYs or might just be that seasonal “I’m gonna take care of my skin,” no matter which category you fall into, that one thing that remains common is the good old Rose water bottle standing loyal since forever.

As simple as it is, Rose water benefits are in plenty and it’s undoubtedly beauty’s magic potion. The best thing about Rose water is that it is remarkably versatile...oily skin, dry skin or combination it and it shall go along!

Maybe that’s what makes Rose water a beauty secret or rather a secret weapon for a flawless glow! Guess we’ve said enough on how great Rose water is...but let us tell you in what ways you can use your Rose water apart from your awesome DIY ubtans.

top 10 ways you can use rose water for your skin & hair

#10 Rosewater helps in maintaining your skin’s pH balance while controlling excess oil formation.

#9 Redness, irritated skin, acne or eczema? No worries! Rose water to your rescue! Rose water helps in reducing the redness of irritated skin and helps get rid of acne as well. It also works as a cleanser and helps in removing oil and dirt.

#8 Need some skin hydration? Rose water is all you need to hydrate, moisturize and revitalise that missing glow!

#7 Don’t underestimate this elixir for beauty purposes only. The antibacterial properties in Rose water also helps in healing scars, cuts and wounds.

#6 We’re not done yet! Rose water also has antioxidant properties that helps in strengthening skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.

#5 Rose water is infused with astringent-like properties and hence it works like a wonder in cleaning pores and toning the skin.

#4 Suffering from anxiety? Well, believe it or not but Rose water has been proven to a powerful mood enhancer. It helps you calm your feelings of anxiety and promotes a healthy emotional well-being. Of course making you feel more relaxed.

#3 This one’s a little underrated but extremely effective. Rose water is known to treat mild scalp inflammations and get rid of dandruff. It also works well as a natural conditioner and revitalises hair growth.

#2 Difficulty in sleeping? Well, if scent your pillow with some Rose water after a long day, it’ll help you sleep better. You’ll wake up refreshed!

#1 The best one – Rose water helps in keeping away those annoying fine lines and wrinkles!

What are you waiting for? Get your genie in a bottle right away!