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Makeup tips for medium – wheatish skin tone

Makeup tips for medium – wheatish skin tone

Let’s just say that you’ve been blessed by the caramel-toffee angels and you absolutely deserve to shine and glow!

We know how much you love makeup and that’s exactly why we’re here! A girl’s love for makeup is that one #foreverlovestory that lasts forever.

So without any more delay, let’s get started on makeup tips for medium skin tone!

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Moisturizing & Priming

We’ve already stressed this out earlier than before anything else you need to moisturize! Moisturising is extremely important, even if you have oily skin. Yes that’s right and we have the perfect pick for you – Advanced Activs Crystal Clear 48Hr Hydrating and Acne Fighting Aloe Vera Gel. Mind you ladies, this isn’t just another aloe vera gel; its infused with real aloe vera (of course), tea tree oil, neem leaf extract, witch hazel water & niacinamide.

Next up is a primer. We’ve already told you how amazing is a primer. It is ideal for when you don’t know how to take care of different skin before makeup. Especially when it is Iba Photo Perfect HD Primer that is known to transform in 5 ways – smoothens, mattifies, fills pores and fine lines and enhances radiance. This is one steal-deal that you absolutely cannot miss out!

Base Makeup

Patience, lady! That isn’t need your perfect foundation cream for that flawless finish. And we have it sorted for you - Iba Pure Skin Liquid Foundation’s shade – Sun Beige. Few strokes of this foundation for a wheatish skin tone and then some good blending is all you need.

If you’re in for a dewy-look then you’re good to go or else here’s the next step and it’s our amazing compact powder - Iba Perfect Look Long Wear Mattifying Compact Powder in the shade – Medium Shell. A tiny compact powder could be your little genie in your bag for your quick fixes.

Lip Makeup

Is the fun part here? Well, yes it is! Lipsticks all the way and no matter what’s your pick from Liquid matte, creamy matte to moisture...we’ve got you!

Let’s start with Iba’s Pure Lips Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick; what’s your type? Pinks, reds, wines or browns...we’ve got you sorted with these shades – Mystique Maroon, Cute Cocoa, Naughty Pink and Peppy Plum. See we told you!

By the way, Iba also does a bit of mind reading and we know what you’re looking for! Creamy Mattes? That’s what we’ve got sorted for you as well and we have only the best ones for you. Be it browns or maroons; just leave it to us. And this is what we have for you – Iba’s Pure Lips Long Stay Matte in shades Mocha Shot, Rose Tan, Burgundy Red and Ruby Blossom. It’s time to slay, girl! P.S. This is also the best blush for wheatish skin so get blending, ladies!

Not working out? Kinda old school? Don’t worry ladies, we've got your back as well. We know how much you love your ‘moisture wala lipstick’ and here’s what we have for you - Iba’s Pure Lips Moisture Rich Lipstick in shades that would complement you just the way you deserve. And here’s it – Berry Blast, Brown Sugar, Cherry Red and Walnut Brown.

Eye Makeup

Almost done? Yes we are...but we’re definitely not going out with those eyes feeling left out. So let’s wear some Iba All Day Kohl Kajal for that bold finish and some eyeshadow for that extra drama. Iba Eye Talk HD Eye Shadow – Glam Life is your new best friend. Go on play and have some fun!

You are surely welcome! But make sure you take care later with Iba’s amazing micellar water; use it on a cotton pad like a makeup remover or just dab all over & wash off!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for you:

Can I use dark shades or very bright shades of lipstick on my wheatish skin?

Yes, you can absolutely use whatever shade strikes your fancy - you do you! Do keep in mind the occasion, time of day and season (that helps decide how much hydration you need.

What if I cannot find the perfect shade of foundation?

This does happen a lot - the best way to go ahead is to choose a shade lighter which is closest to your actual skin tone - remember that the product will get evenly blended anyway which will reduce the shade difference.

What if there are no special products for my skin tone?

You don’t need to spend a zillion dollars on products - one of the best tricks is to blend the lighter with a darker shade of foundation for instance, to create your exact skin tone, so don’t return it, just use them smartly!

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