Get your makeup brushes squeaky clean!

Get your makeup brushes squeaky clean!

Using branded makeup with dirty brushes is like giving out a laced invitation to those nasty pimples and yet you whine saying they’re “uninvited” tchtch!

You should be cleaning your makeup brushes more often than you think.

If sugar is to spice and fork is to spoon then brushes is to your beauty kit. You could have the best makeup collection in your caboodle but without your makeup brushes it’s as good as having none of them.

So here we are the ‘Team Iba’ to your rescue and we’ll tell you how to maintain your makeup brushes for that flawless masterpiece every single time.

Did you know that you need to clean up or at least brush off your makeup brushes every single time after use? Because makeup brushes build up dirt and oil that could be the reason behind your sad acne outbreaks and a possibility for those rashes as well.

Clean! Clean! Clean!

That’s right! You should be cleaning your brushes every time after use. Especially the ones you use for your eyes. Different eyeshadow shades, cut crease precision and those smoky tints...well these mean proper colour definition and that’s possible only when your brushes are clean. Apart from the colour, clean brushes will also keep your eyes safe. The last thing you’d ever wish for is an eye infection from dirt! Sorry! No can do!

So better be clean than sorry!

You should be washing your brushes monthly

There’s cleaning and then there’s washing. Cleaning should be done every time and we’ve stressed enough on this already. But you should wash your brushes atleast once in a month for them to last longer.

Let’s check out a few easy steps to clean your brushes...

Step 1

Take a cup of lukewarm water and squeeze in a dollop of your favourite body wash or shampoo. And mix well.

Step 2

Take your brushes and immerse them into the soapy water and swirl them well. Let them sit for some time and then massage them gently to get rid of any dirt or makeup stuck within.

Step 3

Once you’re done, rinse off with cold water and make sure you squeeze out the water well.

Step 4

Make sure you dry your brushes by laying them flat so that the bristles don’t get spoilt.

Signs that you need new brushes

Cleaning and washing your brushes will surely make them last longer. But at some point, you will need new brushes and this is how you can tell; when you notice that your brushes aren’t getting squeaky clean even after all those washes and they look faded’s time for shopping!

Apart from all the cleaning...keep the strokes and sparkles shimmering!