Easy Iftaar Party Makeup Looks

Easy Iftaar Party Makeup Looks

Iftaar! The evening meal of the day during Ramadan, when the entire family comes together, cooks together and feasts together. It is like the most awaited evening party ritual, just meant for your family and close friends to come together and cherish the days of Ramadan Kareem. 

When we’re talking about Iftaar parties, getting dressed up comes along naturally. And, honestly what’s even getting dressed without a little makeup for that extra glow. 

Fasting throughout the day can be quite tiring and dehydrating for the body and so, a little makeup to make you look fresh for yourself and your Iftaar selfies is always a win-win. 

Again, when it comes to getting ready and wearing makeup for your Iftaar parties, you would want to keep it simple and quick. Mostly for two reasons, one – you would be fasting and would avoid makeup for the day and secondly, you would want to get ready quickly so that you’re ready in time for your feast after your prayers. 

So, to get you sorted for your quick and easy looks, we have a few tricks ready for you. Let’s check them out… 

The fresh nude look 

This look works any day and on anyone because it is all about looking fresh! Begin with washing your face with your favorite Iba face wash and then pat dry. Next, take two to three drops of the Iba Must Have Pre-Makeup Serum and massage gently into your face. This will not only hydrate your skin, but it will also give you a natural glow. Next, take the ‘All Time Pink’ Lip & Cheek tint and dab a little on the apples of your cheeks and on your lips for a subtle blush effect. And, lastly take the new Must Have Velvet Matte Compact Powder and brush off a little all over your face for a fresh matte look. And you’re done! 

The dewy peach look 

Now, this look is perfect for medium and fair skin toned beauties. Begin with washing your face with your favorite Iba face wash. Once, your skin is dry and ready for prepping, use the Must Have Pre-Makeup serum and let it soak in to your skin. Now, take the ‘Sheer Peach’ Lip & Cheek Tint and dab a little on your cheeks and your nose for a flushed sun-kissed look. Use this same tint as your eye shadow. Now, take the liquid eye liner and draw a thin stroke on your lids for a subtle defined look. Use the Must Have Get Set Glow Highlighter and apply it on your cheek bones, forehead, chin, nose bridge and below your brows for a sheer dewy look. Lastly, finish off with your lip color using the Fresh Peach shade from the Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick range. And voila! 

The Simple Subtle look 

Now, this look is by far the easiest and suitable for all skin tones! Make sure your wash and prep your skin well. Take the Iba Skin Glow Power Serum and massage it well into your skin. Take the Iba Kohl Kajal and draw it boldly on your lower waterline and tight line it on your upper water line as well. Next, use a pretty nude lipstick – Long Stay Matte Nude Alert would be perfect. Finish off with the Must Have Compact powder of your skin tone to finish off your look. This look is simple and very quick. 

The ‘one product’ look 

This look is ideal for all your Iftaar parties and it is also perfect for those when you are getting late and still want to look cute. Here’s what you can do, prepping is a must no matter kind of makeup you do or what products you use. So, prep your skin by washing and then applying a serum or a moisturizer. Next, use your favourite Iba Lip & Cheek tint shade (you can pick almost any shade) and dab it around your cheeks and nose for a blushed sun-kissed look. Next, use the same shade for your eye shadow and lastly use the same shade for your lips and you’re done! This is the simplest and quickest look that you can nail. But, in case you have oily skin then you can finish off using the Must Have compact powder for a velvety matte finish and your look is complete! 

These looks are super quick, super easy and extremely cute for all your Iftaar parties and also for days when you are getting late but still want to look great! Have fun with these looks ladies!

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