Best Selling Makeup Products That All Brides Must Have

Top 10 Makeup Products That All Brides Must Have

Being a bride isn’t easy! A bride goes through a lot of stress, excitement, happiness, and anxiety all at the same time and yet has to look her best; not for others but at least for pretty-looking pictures.

From choosing the perfect outfit to deciding on the makeup and hair, is nothing less than a roller coaster ride that every bride has to take on. For some brides, this is an easy task because they know exactly what they want, but for some brides this entire ride is nothing less than a tornado that has taken a few extra circles.

Choosing the bridal attire and the final makeup look is something special and unique for every bride as she prepares for her big day. But what we can help you out with is choosing a few of the best bridal makeup products that would make you look flawless for all your pre and post-wedding events and functions.

Must Have Insta Glow Pre-Makeup Serum

A bride is all about her glow and freshness! And the best face serum for a bride is all about that. Iba Must Have Insta Glow Pre-Makeup Serum is infused with 24 Karat Gold that hydrates your skin, acts as a primer, and gives your skin a luminous glass-like glow instantly. If you’re in the mood for some party-wear makeup, then this serum is the best option for your base and a must on your bridal makeup products list.

Must Have Everyday Lip & Cheek Tint

This wedding makeup product is just perfect for a natural glowing blush. So, when you are preparing your bridal makeup products list, this product needs to be added to the top of the list. This Lip & Cheek Tint comes in a tiny tub but with multi-tasking skills. You can use this tint for your blush, color corrector, lip color, and also for your eye shadow. And, if you’re picking shades like timeless mocha or forever nude, then you can also use it like your contour. This product is a great pick for your post-wedding invitations to make you look fresh and glowing every single time.

Must Have Waterproof Liquid Foundation

Weddings are fun, but they can be extremely emotional at times! Apart from all the crying, the stress can also make the bride sweat. All these watery tensions mean that your makeup needs to be waterproof for it to stay on well. Now, the Iba Must Have Water Liquid Foundation is the perfect pick for any bride. This foundation’s texture is like a second skin on your skin and makes your base look flawlessly natural. This foundation has a natural matte finish that lasts all day long. In short, this is a steal-worthy product that should be a part of every bride’s makeup kit.

Must Have Waterproof Concealer

When we talk about long-lasting bridal makeup products in India, the Iba Must Have Waterproof concealer steals the game for its flawless skin-like finish. This concealer has a unique formula that is crease-resistant, sweat-proof, waterproof, and transfer-proof. All these amazing qualities make this product 100% bride friendly. On an ending note to our concealer story; the best way to apply concealer is to layer it after your foundation. Apply it on the areas that are pigmented compared to the rest of your face, and leave it on for 10-15 seconds before you blend it. This tiny trick will make your concealer look even more flawless.

Must Have Velvet Matte Compact

There might be days when you want to keep your makeup minimal and simple. So, for those days the Must Have Velvet Matte Compact is just perfect. All you need to do is, apply your favorite primer as your base or the Must Have Insta Glow Pre makeup serum. Let it set in, and then apply your compact powder. This will not only make you look fresh, but it’ll also last you the entire day. On the other hand, you can use this compact once you’re done with your makeup to give it a flawless matte look and also to set it in. Make sure you add this to your bridal products list.

Must Have Get Set Glow Highlighter

A bride and her glow go hand in hand! And so, a highlighter is always a bride’s best friend. The Iba Must Have Get Set Glow Highlighter is the perfect dewy glow highlighter that isn’t too ‘jhataakwali’ glow, but in fact, it gives a natural ‘glow from within’ kind of glow. This highlighter has a beautiful creamy texture that melts into the skin for a flawless natural shimmery glow. This one is suitable for all skin types and it’s one of a kind highlighter that does not look like some made-up highlighter at all. This product would work really well as a part of the makeup for the wedding day.

Sugar Contour De Force Face Palette

Sometimes, all you need is a little definition to your face for that flawless #nofilter look. And here’s when you pick the Sugar Contour De Force Face Palette which is packed with all the three amazing makeup heroes that complete your makeup – a bronzer, a highlighter, and a blush. The texture is somewhere between a creamy powder which makes your blending game easy and gives out a flawless finish. This palette comes in two variants; one is subtle and light and the other is a bit on the warmer tone. This is one of the best bridal makeup kits for a bride.

Sugar X Wonder Woman Mixed Palette

Again, another beautifully curated palette by Sugar that consists of everything that you need to make your makeup for your wedding day look flawless and complete. It has 6 pretty eye shadow shades, a blush, and a matte bronzer. These shades are enough to define your face, add color and make your eyes look pretty fluttering! (Pun intended) You can also create multiple bridal eye shadow looks with this palette.

Renee Cosmetics FAB5 5in1 Lipstick

Being a bride is a major task for sure! From attending to your friends, guests, and relatives, you also need to keep in mind that you need to look presentable at all times. And surely it becomes tiring and you tend to forget or miss out on certain things, and that could even be your lipstick at times. But fret not! Renee Cosmetics is here for your rescue! They have this amazing FAB 5 in 1 lipstick that comes in 5 shades to suit your mood and moment. Definitely a must-have makeup item for brides.

Nicka Color Eyeshadow Palette

This eye shadow palette is what dreams are made of! The shades in this palette are everything from a subtle nude to a funky wide range of options. The best part is that this palette. It has a combination of mattes and shimmers, which means you can create multiple bridal eye shadow looks that you can dream of; be it subtle or a shimmery party look. So, brides, it is time to look your pretty best!