8 Skincare products you must have in your makeup bag

8 Skincare products you must have in your makeup bag

Your make a bag is like your little treasure bag that has everything you ever need while you get ready. Your makeup bag must not only contain makeup products but it should also have necessary skincare and hair care products that will help you to create a complete look. Including skincare and hair care products in your makeup bag will make your life much easier, trust us we know! 

If you don’t have skin care or hair care products in your make up bag then we have listed a few of the best skincare items listed below. Let us check it out. 

Alcohol free perfume

First of all you absolutely need one or more than one alcohol free perfume in your makeup bag. Because along with looking nice and fabulous, you must also smell amazing. Imagine you are looking like a diva and nobody is coming near you because of your body odour! Ouch! Now this heart breaking story must not happen with anyone. Hence always make sure once you are done with your makeup and your dress-up, you always apply a generous amount of your perfume. There is nothing more appealing than a well-dressed lady who smells amazing.

Hair Serum

Along with the best skincare items, make sure you have a bunch of proper hair care products in your makeup bag. For example, a hair serum is extremely essential to have in your make up bag as well as in your purse. Your hair serum not only helps in hydrating and moisturising your hair from within, but it also helps in controlling frizzy and untamed hair. Your serum also helps in styling your hair while using heating tools and protects your hair from damage. If you are stepping out during the daytime, your hair serum also helps in protecting your hair against the harsh UV rays of the sun.


You might not realise this but your sunscreen Is one of the best skincare items you can ever own. Your sunscreen is what protects your skin majorly from the harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun which deeply damages your skin. Make sure you always apply your sunscreen at least 20 minutes before stepping out of the house for full protection. Make sure your sunscreen is a part of your makeup bag and also you need to carry your sunscreen whenever you step out of the house because reapplying your sunscreen is the best way to make sure that your sunscreen is working.


The next product that should be a part of your skincare items list is a waterproof liquid foundation. Now this product right here does not exactly come under the category of a skincare product but it aids a lot when it comes to nailing a perfect makeup base. A waterproof liquid foundation is a good option because it is long-lasting and will not smudge or budge no matter how much you sweat or get emotional during your functions that you are attending. A waterproof foundation is a great choice for all weather conditions and all seasons and hence owning one will benefit you a lot.

Kajal & eyeliner

The next product that you must have in your makeup bag is your eye make up products which not only completes your entire makeup look, but is more than enough to give you a complete makeup look on its own. We suggest that you pick a vegan eyeliner Which is not only great for your eyes but is also infused with safe and natural ingredients that are good for your eyes. Make sure you definitely have a Kajal in your bag because one Kajal is more than enough to make your entire face look fresh no matter how long your day has been. You can also use your Kajal to create different makeup looks like a smokey eye makeup when smudged well, and also like an eyeliner.  

Face wash

Now this skincare product right here is a major essential for everyone. A face wash not only helps in cleansing your face from within but it is one of the most important steps while you prep your skin for makeup. You can pick a good vitamin c facewash That is suitable for all skin types and it also helps in giving your face an instant glow. A good vitamin C face wash helps in cleansing your skin from within and retains your skin's youthful glow. 

Whenever you are travelling with your partner, you might have noticed that men tend to carry lesser skincare products and hence this is a great facewash for men as well. One of the best men’s skincare kits that you can opt for is from the brand called Nivea and the products are very affordable and skin friendly. You can thank us later because you won’t have to share your skincare products with your partner anymore with this men’s skincare kit. 

Face serum

Another important skincare product is your skin serum. A facial serum is a much better option than a moisturiser because a serum is lighter in texture but it has been infused with more potent and active ingredients. Because of the lightweight texture of your serum, it penetrates deep into your skin instantly and hydrates your skin from within. A face serum is a great skincare product to use before your makeup because this skincare product ensures deep hydration in just a few seconds. A face serum is a great product for all skin types, including oily skin because it is not greasy like a moisturiser.  

Lip Balm

And lastly, make sure you have a lip balm in your makeup bag. Your lip balm not only helps in healing cracked and chapped lips, but it also helps in preparing your lips before applying your lipstick. Make sure you apply your lip balm at least 20 minutes before applying your lipstick. This will keep your lips well moisturised and hydrated throughout the day. Even if you are not wearing lipstick, make sure you definitely apply your lip balm every day and keep reapplying it throughout the day for soft and supple lips. The best way to avoid cracked and chapped lips is to keep your lips moisturised with your lip balm at all times.