10 Beauty products you must have in your monsoon kit

10 Beauty products you must have in your monsoon kit

Like they say that you must always dress for the occasion, similarly you must also take care of your skin according to the weather and climate. Our skin tends to change every season and reacts upon every weather. This is a common problem among many, though a few lucky ones have constant skin type. But for the rest whose skin type varies from season to season, we have listed out a few of the best skincare and make up products that you can stock upon this monsoon season. 

Monsoon brings in a lot of rain and that also means that the weather is going to be extremely humid in most parts of the country. Hence makeup in monsoon or monsoon skincare is much more different than your regular skincare. This is because the humid weather tends to irritate your skin and makeup melts away easily during this season. So let us check out the best ways we can look at best in this monsoon season. 


Make sure you stock up on a long lasting lipstick because the humid weather is going to melt your makeup easily if you don’t use the right products. The same goes for your lipstick as well. So having a long-lasting matte lipstick is a great addition to your essential makeup products list because that is what will last the entire day. If you don’t have a matte lipstick, then you can apply your normal lipstick and layer it up with your compact powder and let it set. After a few minutes apply your lipstick once again over the compact powder and let that set in. With this DIY trick you can make your very own long-lasting lipstick that will not smudge at all.

Eye makeup products 

Having the right eye makeup products is extremely essential for your make up in the monsoon. Make sure your eye makeup products are waterproof and sweat proof because you never know when it is going to rain and when you are going to get wet. That also means that in case you get wet in the rain, your makeup is going to get ruined and smudged eye makeup is one of the scariest things. Get yourself a cruelty free eyeliner that is also waterproof and smudge proof. This will help you in keeping your eye makeup in place no matter what the weather is. You can also try a vegan eyeliner pen Which contains extremely safe ingredients that are not only safe for your eyes but are also great for daily use.

Waterproof foundation 

A good halal foundation is a major essential makeup product when it comes to building up your monsoon makeup kit. A good waterproof and sweat proof foundation is an important addition to your makeup kit because this is what makes your base makeup flawless. Your foundation not only completes your base makeup but it also keeps your entire makeup in place and brings in your look together. Make sure you always begin with your primer for a flawless base and a long-lasting finish. You will also need a concealer that will highlight your facial features and complete your base makeup. Don’t forget to finish your monsoon makeup with a setting spray for your makeup to stay in place and last long.

Compact powder 

As a part of your monsoon makeup, your compact powder is extremely important because it helps in setting your makeup and makes oily skin look matte instantly. Your compact powder also helps in refreshing your makeup anytime and anywhere. It also helps in makeup touch-ups whenever you want your makeup to look fresh and glowing. On days when you don’t want to wear much makeup but still want to look your best, just apply your primer and finish off with your compact powder. This will not only make your skin look glowing but it will also make your makeup look fresh and last long. 


As a part of your monsoon skincare, your sunscreen lotion is a crucial skincare product. Because no matter what weather or season, you must always apply your sunscreen before stepping out of the house. Monsoon season is extremely cloudy and that brings up a myth that says you don’t need your sunscreen on cloudy days. But the truth is no matter what the weather is like or how cloudy it is the sun’s UVA and UVB rays are always active and does equal harm to your skin no matter what weather. Hence applying a sunscreen lotion on all days and during all weathers is extremely crucial. 

Hair care products

Hair care during the monsoon season is also an important factor that you need to keep a check on. The monsoon weather brings in humidity which makes your scalp sweat easily. If you don’t wash your hair regularly then this will lead to dandruff and itchiness, which gradually leads to hair fall. You can pick a bunch of good vegan hair products that not only cater to your hair care needs but are also mild and will take care of your hair for better growth and quality. Make sure you wash your hair at least twice a week if you have extremely oily hair and follow it up with a conditioner. Also you can add in a hair mask once a week for deep hydration and moisturisation which will keep your hair strong and bouncy. Don’t forget to use a hair serum every time you wash your hair and also before using any kind of heating tool. This will not only protect your hair but it will also nourish your hair from within.


Perfumes are something that you must own no matter what weather or what season. Smelling fresh and fragrant throughout the day should be everybody’s priority because that is what builds your personality. Apart from this your perfume also helps in eliminating body odor which is not a pleasant problem to deal with. The best way to apply your perfume is to apply it on your pulse points like behind your ears, on your wrists, inside your elbows, and a little bit on your hair brush while brushing your hair. This will not only make you smell fresh and fragrant but it will also make your perfume last much longer. 

Face wash 

Another important product that you must add into your monsoon skincare is your face wash. Cleansing your face early in the morning and once your day is over is extremely important because this is what ensures that your skin is clean and free from any kind of dirt, dust, pollution, or grime. Humid weather tends to build up more dirt on your skin because the weather makes your skin sweat which turns sticky and attracts more dirt. This dirt needs to be washed thoroughly or else you will be facing problems like acne and pimples in no time. Hence washing your face twice a day is essential and important. 


And lastly make sure you add a toner to your monsoon skincare because your toner helps in minimising pores and also hydrates your skin from within. Applying a toner after washing your face is important because this is what helps in minimising your pores which prevents blackheads and whiteheads. Your toner also helps in balancing your skin’s pH level which helps in keeping your skin calm. You can also use your toner like a face mist during the day for a refreshing feeling.

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