7 Amazing Tips for the perfect Eid Makeup

7 Amazing Tips for the perfect Eid Makeup

We hope you are having a wonderful Ramadan so far! And while you are soaking in this beautiful season, Eid is just around the corner. Eid means taking a moment, celebrating with your family, and close friends, and looking your best on this special day.

So, to look your absolute best, let us check out a few of the best makeup tips for Eid. and not to forget, the all-important Eid skin care! Let us begin…


Before you begin your makeup for Eid, make sure you cleanse your skin really well. This will get rid of all the dirt, grime, and excess sebum from your skin. Make sure you always follow this step every time you do or begin your makeup. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face, this will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean without ripping off the natural moisture from your skin.


If you are looking for makeup tips step by step then it is crucial that you follow each step extremely well, especially steps that involve your skin care. So ensure you moisturize your skin well with a moisturizer or a serum and follow it up with your sunscreen. This will not only give your skin an extra dose of hydration, but it will also protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. This will also protect your skin against tanning and sunburn. So, if you are stepping out with makeup for Eid day, make sure you moisturize and don’t skip out on your sunscreen.


The next step that you must follow for your simple Eid makeup look is to apply your primer before you begin your makeup. So, make sure your primer is added to your halal makeup kit. Your primer will prep your skin well and make it appear like a fresh canvas ready for some amazing-looking makeup. Your primer not only prepares your skin for makeup, but it also helps in blurring out pores and blemishes on your skin. This will make your makeup look smooth and flawless. Not just this, your primer also makes your makeup last really long while making it waterproof and sweatproof. While you are prepping your skin, you can also prep your lips by applying your favourite halal lip balm.

Foundation or BB Cream

The next step for your makeup look for Eid is your base makeup. If you are hosting your own Eid party at home then your BB Cream is good enough. But, if you are meeting up with your friends and relatives then you can go for your halal foundation. Your foundation gives much more coverage than your BB Cream and will last longer. Apply your foundation in dots all over your face. You can use a beauty blender if you want sheer coverage, or you can use a brush if you want full coverage. This will even tone your skin really well and give you a nice glow.

Lip and Cheek Tint & Eye Makeup

Let us now add a little colour! Take your lip and cheek tint and dab a few dots on your cheeks and on your nose. Blend it out really well for a pretty sun-kissed flushed look. This will not only add colour to your face, but it will also make you look really fresh instantly.

No Eid eye makeup look is ever complete without a little drama added to the eyes. Let’s keep it simple and keep the Eid vibe alive. You can create a simple kohl kajal on your water line and also tight line it for a dramatic look. This will make your eyes appear deeper and a little more dramatic. You can then finish it off with your halal eyeliner pen by creating a nice set of wings.


What is even Eid makeup without a little bling and shimmer? So as a part of your makeup tips step by step, this is your final step that will make your skin glow. Take your highlighter and apply it on your cheekbones, nose bridge, forehead, brow bones, chin, and your cupid’s bow. This will elevate your entire face and give you a nice glowing finish.

If you are looking for a dewy glowing finish for your Eid makeup look. Then you can either apply your highlighter before your foundation or you can mix it with your foundation and apply. This hack will give you a sheer dewy finish.


Now finally it’s time to complete your Eid special makeup look with your favourite halal lipstick. You can go for a pretty nude shade if you are hosting your own Eid party at home. Subtle looks always look amazing for the daytime. But if you are stepping out and it is around evening then you can pick a rather bold shade like a red, a burgundy, or even a dark brown to complete your look. If you want a more dramatic finish then you can top your favourite lipstick with a lip gloss. This will add some shimmer and shine.

And lastly, it is all about smelling nice and fresh throughout the day. So, grab on your favourite halal attar perfume and swipe it behind your ears, on your wrists, your inner elbows, and a little on your hairbrush before combing. This will keep you fresh and fragrant all day.


Can you wear makeup on Eid?

Yes, Eid is a time for celebration and some quality time with friends and family after a month of fasting. You can wear some light but elegant makeup for Eid as per the scale of gathering. Since Iba makeup is Halal, you can make your wudu and apply makeup - it will not affect your prayers.

How to make up for Eid?

An Eid special makeup look is easy to create using Halal and vegan products from Iba. You can opt for light base makeup followed by some simple kajal and mascara with bold lipstick for that ideal makeup for Eid. Avoid too many layers - the goal is to let your skin breathe. 

Is makeup haram in Islam?

So long as you are using Halal makeup - made from ingredients which are Halal-certified, it is permissible in Islam. The intention should not be to attract or corrupt the persons around oneself and also so long as the makeup is removable and not a permanent alteration to one’s body, it is not considered Haram in Islam. Individual beliefs do vary in this respect, but so long as the above rules are followed, you can apply light and elegant Halal makeup without worry! 

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