10 Awesome Hair Care Routine Tips For Summer

10 Awesome Hair Care Routine Tips For Summer

Summers are here and it is that time of the year when the only thing that gives happiness is all things chilled and cold! And how we wish we could truly chill our hair and scalp too…oh the pleasure! But when it comes to hair care tips during summer, you need to take extra care so that you don’t end up with an itchy, sweaty, and dirty scalp.

Summer days also mean that the sun is going to be its hottest and covering up your head and face with a scarf is the only way to stay protected. But when you cover your head with a scarf on a daily basis it tends to feel itchy and sticky. Hence, you need to follow a proper hair care routine during these hot summer months.

Hair Oiling

Oiling your hair is very important for your scalp and your hair. It is absolutely okay if you apply it for even 30 minutes before washing your hair, what matters is you must apply it at least once a week before shampooing. Oiling is an important hair care routine for women with dry and long hair. 

The right way to apply your hair oil is on a clean scalp. So, you can rinse your hair well and wash it with shampoo once to get rid of all the sweat, dust, and dirt stuck on your scalp. Next, you can either wait for your hair to completely dry off or you can apply your hair oil to your wet hair for a relaxed and cooling effect. This is one of the best hair care routine for women with long hair.

Hair Wash

Another absolute must that you must follow as a part of your summer hair care routine. Your hair wash removes all the dirt, grime, oil, and dandruff completely. Make sure you always wash your hair twice with shampoo for a completely clean and fresh finish. You can buy any shampoo online, but using it in the right way is what matters the most.

Ensure you dampen your hair and scalp well, then take your shampoo and lather it up on your scalp only. Do not apply your shampoo on your hair locks, or it will make your hair even drier. You must follow this hair care tip as a part of your hair care routine for dry hair. When you rinse your shampoo, your hair cleanses itself when the soapy water washes down.

Hair Conditioner

Now we already know how most of you skip on your conditioner, but honestly, you should not and you know it too! Your conditioner is what strengthens your hair, and is one of the most important summer hair care tips to follow. Because in summer your hair tends to get dry and brittle and can break off easily. This leads to hair fall and breakage. So, your conditioner is very important. The right way to apply your conditioner is on your hair length and not your scalp. If your conditioner touches your scalp while you are applying it to your hair, it is completely okay. But avoid concentrating and applying your conditioner to your scalp primarily. Conditioner is an important part of hair routine for women with long hair. 

Hair Mask

When you stock up on your hair care products, don’t forget to get your hair mask. Using your hair mask once a week helps in deep conditioning and moisturising your hair and scalp. This also helps in hydrating your scalp and hair from within, which helps in fighting against dry, rough, brittle, and chemically treated hair. Make sure you apply your hair mask generously all over your scalp and hair. Leave it on for at least 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You can add your mask as a part of your hair care routine for dry hair.

Hair Serum

Your hair serum is a major part of your hair care combo and it works in multiple ways. Your serum is a must when it comes to summer hair care tips because it gives your hair an extra boost of moisture and hydration. You can also use your serum during the day or whenever you are getting ready to go out. This helps in adding a beautiful bounce and shine to your hair. Apart from this, make sure you always apply your serum to your hair before using any kind of heating tool. Because your serum is what acts like a heat protectant, and helps against overheating or burning your hair.

Hair Care After Coloring

Using hair color products always seems like a fun experiment and for a few hair coloring has become a need. But in both scenarios, aftercare is what is most important for your hair to remain healthy. This can also be considered as a hair care tip for men because men also color their hair so they can also buy hair color online and The first thing to do post-hair color is to condition your hair really well. This will keep your hair moisturised and hydrated throughout. Next, ensure that you oil your hair at least once a week before shampooing your hair. Use a color-protectant shampoo, so that your hair color lasts longer.

Your summer hair care routine is incomplete without a few DIY summer hair masks that are not only relaxing but also nourish your hair and scalp from within.

Aloe Vera & Henna Hair Mask

For this hair mask, you will need fresh aloe vera gel and powder henna. Mix both ingredients well and make a paste. Apply this mask all over your scalp and leave it on for an hour. This hair mask works great for dandruff and dry hair.

Green Tea & Lemon Juice Rinse

This hair rinse needs to be used once your shampoo routine is complete. Just rinse your hair with this concoction and leave it on for at least 10 mins and then wash it off. This will add shine and gloss to your hair naturally.

To make this concoction take two green tea bags and dip them in a cup of hot water and mix it with 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Let this cool down completely before you apply it.

Castor Oil & Coconut Oil Hot Massage

If you are suffering from hair fall and haven’t found a solution yet, then this oil mixture is sure to solve all your problems. All you need to do is mix these two oils in equal quantities and heat them before applying them. Apply it to your scalp and massage it well and leave it on overnight. Repeat at least twice a week for best results.

Banana, Aloe Vera, & Olive Oil Hair Mask

If you want salon-like bouncy, soft, and silky hair, then this hair mask is a dream for you. Take one ripe banana, fresh aloe vera pulp, and olive oil and blend this together to form a paste-like mixture. Apply this to your hair and scalp after shampooing and leave it on for 30 mins and rinse it off. Follow it up with your conditioner and rinse. Thank us later for those amazing bouncy locks!