6 Tips to get rid of body odour

6 Tips to get rid of body odour

No matter how amazing your outfit is or how glamorous your makeup looks, if you don’t smell nice then all your efforts are useless honestly! Body odour in monsoon and summer is a major problem that most face. This common problem can be solved easily and yet so many seem least bothered.  

Sometimes the sweating smell problem might end up being the reason behind people avoiding you, so it is high time you take on the ques. Solution for strong body odour isn’t really a tough job, with a few simple and easy steps you can easily tackle this problem.  

Frequent showers

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to taking care of body odour during monsoon. No matter if you have been out and about or you have been at home. Monsoon brings along a lot of humidity and heat which eventually makes our body sweat. If this sweat is not washed off or cleaned properly, then it will result in body odour. Hence the most simple and easiest way to get rid of body odour in the monsoon is by having frequent showers every day. You can also use your favourite body wash while having a bath, this not only helps in cleansing your body but it also adds a layer of fragrance on your skin. This is one of the best body odour solutions for you. 

Body mists & Perfumes

Another really easy body smell solution is to apply body mist and perfume once you are done having your bath. The best solution for strong body odour is to use an alcohol free perfume which is not only gentle on your skin but is also long-lasting compared to other perfumes. The best way to apply a body mist is on a wet body after your shower. This way it settles on your skin and stays on for a longer duration. While your perfume needs to be applied on your pulse points like your wrist, behind your ears, on your neck, inner sides of your elbow, and a little bit on your hair brush before combing your hair. This will leave you smelling all fragrant and fresh throughout the day. 

Proper hair care routine

Apart from getting the right body smell solution, you also need a proper hair care routine during monsoon. Along with your body, your scalp also tends to sweat a lot during the humid weather. Sweat on your scalp makes it extremely itchy and uncomfortable which ultimately leads to dandruff and hair fall. Hence having a bunch of the right hair care products is extremely essential. Buying shampoo online is easy but maintaining a proper shampoo routine is more important because if you don’t, it will only create a sweating smell problem. Hair odour is also a real thing which needs to be taken care of as a part of your hygiene. Clean hair is equal to healthy hair and also it aids in hair growth without hair fall. 

Dusting powders or talcum powders

Another solution for strong body odour is to use antibacterial dusting powders or talcum powders. Powders not only help in keeping your skin dry and free from sweat, but it also helps in keeping body odour at bay. If you are looking for a quick body smell solution and you don’t have the time for a shower, then a sponge bath followed by using a generous amount of body powder is a hack that you can try. This hack works really well and is a great solution when you are in a hurry.  

If you are stepping out and you want your skin to look glowing then you can apply a little bit of your liquid foundation mixed with your perfumed body lotion. This will not only give your skin a boost of hydration and glow, but it will also make it smell fresh. To make this tinted body lotion last longer, you can dust off with a little bit of body powder.  

Fragrant body lotions

This is a great body odour solution that works well for everyone. Whatever variation of body wash or body gel you have used for your shower, make sure you use the same variant of body lotion later on. This helps in locking in the fragrance and makes it last for a longer period of time. Fragrant body lotions not only make your skin soft and hydrated, but it also helps in maintaining your skin’s pH level and also helps in controlling body odour in the monsoon. If your body wash and your body lotion are of different variants, it will not give you the desired results. Apart from this, if you have a choice of choosing a perfume of the same variant of your body wash and body lotion, then picking it would be a great option. This will only enhance the fragrance and make it last all day until you wash it off. This is one of the best and also a permanent solution for strong body odour. 

Sweat pads

Sweating is what leads to body odour and controlling your sweat is essential if you are someone who tends to sweat more than usual. We definitely cannot control sweat glands but we can definitely opt for sweat pads that can be used while we are at work or outdoors. These sweat pads come in tiny sticker-like pads which can be placed and stuck on the fabric under your arms. You can place it in a similar way like a sanitary pad and this will help in soaking up all the sweat from your under arms. Even after using a sweat pad, make sure you definitely apply a body mist or a perfume in your underarms. This will help in controlling your body odour. Make sure you don’t use these sweat pads on a regular basis or when you are at home. Because these might cause rashes when used too much.