6 Common Skin Problems in Monsoon Season

6 Common Skin Problems in Monsoon Season

Monsoons are here, and it is officially the season of chai and pakodas! It is also the season of pretty skies and cloudy horizons that make you want to grab a bowl of steaming hot noodles by the window. Oh what a lovely season it is! Puddles and paper boats, gum boots and splashes, umbrellas and rain droplets on your palms, all these amazing monsoon moments just make us fall in love with the season. 

But not all seasons are all so beautiful and perfect. Even monsoons come with its own downside that affects most of us. One of the most common problems that we all face during monsoons is skin problems. Skin problems in monsoon is a rather common phenomena then we actually realise. Monsoon skin allergies vary from person to person, and these monsoon skin allergies happen at different frequencies. These skin problems in monsoon are not so serious but are not so comfortable either. Let us learn about these skin problems in monsoon and how we can treat them.

Skin Itching

Skin itching in the monsoon is one of the most common skin problems faced during this season. Monsoon means a lot of rain, which is later on followed by humidity. Humid weather is one of the most uncomfortable weather of all and it tends to make your skin feel sticky and itchy. If you avoid this skin itching in monsoon then it will gradually result in a skin infection which would need major medical attention. Skin itching in monsoon is a common problem and it can be easily treated. The most simplest way to avoid skin itching in monsoon is to have a bath every time you enter the house after you have been out and about. Once you are done with your bath, make sure you apply a talcum powder on your body, especially in your under arms, inner thighs, inner elbows, neck, and your back. You can also opt for antibacterial dusting powder or menthol based powder which are rather soothing on the skin.

Open pores

Open pores are another common skincare issue faced by many women during the monsoon season. Humid weather tends to make your skin extremely sticky and sweaty which is a huge invitation to blackheads, whiteheads, and open pores. For this you need a proper skincare routine that includes a face scrub at least once a week and a good face wash for women that helps in cleansing your skin from within without making your skin feel dry and itchy. One of the most common home remedies for open pores is icing. Icing is basically using a water ice cube on your face or making your own ice cube mixed with rose water and your face serum. Icing not only helps to hydrate your skin from within, but it also helps in minimising your pores instantly. Once your icing is done, you can then follow up with your skincare routine. 

Acne & Pimples

Damp and humid weather is your biggest enemy if you have acne and pimple prone skin. Humidity makes your skin sweat more than usual and that attracts dust, pollution, and dirt to your skin. It is not possible to wash your face regularly when you are at work or out for other chores. Hence, this is a common skin problem in monsoon. But the best solution for acne and pimples during monsoons is to use a green tea face wash that helps in washing away all the dirt and grime gently from your skin. This also helps in fighting against all the germs and bacteria that causes pimples and acne, and also keeps it at bay. The best part about using a green tea face wash is that it helps in controlling your sebum production which helps in controlling pimples and acne. 

Dry Lips

Dry lips is another common skin problem in monsoon. Even if you might not have dry lips on regular days, it is common to have dry lips during monsoons because of the humid weather it brings along. But the positive part about this skin problem in monsoon is that it is extremely easy to treat dry lips. You can begin with using a lip scrub every alternate day followed by a lip sleeping mask every night. Using a lip scrub even twice a week helps a lot in getting rid of all the dead skin cells and dryness. Using a lip sleeping mask every night helps in hydrating and moisturising your lips from within. But above all you must use a lip balm every day and at all times. Lip balms can be boring at times, and hence using a strawberry lip balm is a great choice. Strawberry lip balms are not only yummy in flavour, but they also give a beautiful pink tint. 

Tanning & Skin irritation

Tanning and skin irritation are the most common problems we face throughout the year. Keeping your skin protected at all times is extremely necessary whenever you are stepping out of the house. Monsoons tend to be cloudy and you might think that it is not important to use a sunscreen lotion. But the truth is even on cloudy days the sun’s UVA and UVB rays are highly active and can still irritate your skin. This also tends to tan your skin immensely. Hence applying a sunscreen lotion before stepping out of the house is extremely important. Make sure you apply your sunscreen lotion at least 20 minutes before stepping out of the house so that it doesn’t work perfectly. 

Sweating & body odour

Summers and monsoons have only one downside and that is it makes the weather extremely uncomfortable, humid, and hot once the rains are over. This leads to sweating and that ultimately leads to body odour. This isn’t the best combination, and may also lead to skin infections and skin allergies. But, this problem can be easily avoided with regular and timely showers followed by body mists or perfumes that not only make you feel fresh but also help in preventing skin irritation.