5 secrets of coconut water for your skin

5 secrets of coconut water for your skin

Are you nuts about coconuts? If you’re not, you will be once you read this!

Every time mommy told you that coconut water is the best cooler for you rather than those artificially coloured soft drinks...she totally meant it! Apart from being an excellent health drink, coconut water has always been great for your skin. Coconut water benefits your skin in multiple ways.

Coconut water is naturally infused with electrolytes like sodium and potassium. It’s also infused with Vitamin A, Protein, Iron, Calcium and most importantly Vitamin C. We all know how your skin loves a good dose of Vitamin C. hence, you can safely say that coconut water for skin is a great idea.

Let’s check out a few more reasons to binge on coconut water and learn how coconut water for skin is a great ingredient.


Yes! That’s right and now you know why those beauty conscious ladies keep sipping on coconut water. Coconut water is also known as the powerhouse of lauric acid that helps in fighting against skin infections. It also aids in cell growth and cell activation along with smoothing fine lines. To fight against ageing, you can either drink a glass of coconut water or use it like a face dab. You can also do both! You can also add coconut water to your face masks for healthy and glowing skin. There are many coconut water benefits for skin, but the best one is definitely being like an anti-aging element.

Fights Acne

A natural solution for your acne problems...finally! Take a few teaspoons of chilled coconut water and apply all over your face. This not just helps in calming down your acne inflammation but also helps in lightening blemishes. Coconut water has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that help in fighting acne causing bacteria. If you are dealing with acne problems, then make sure that you consume a good dose of coconut water every day along with applying it on your face. When it comes to acne, coconut water benefits for skin are highly underrated and less talked about but it can work wonders for pimple prone and acne prone skin.

Natural Cleanser

Who knew your regular ‘nariyal pani’ had so many benefits, including this one. Coconut water works as an excellent hydrating cleanser for sensitive skin (you’re welcome!). Take some chilled coconut water and dab some cotton and use it to clean your face. For sensitive skin or even dry skin, this also works well as a makeup remover as well. If your makeup is too heavy, you can take some coconut oil as well, which not only removes makeup but also helps in melting away tough makeup stains as well as transfer proof makeup products. When you use coconut water like a cleanser every day, it helps in skin lightening as well. Hence, coconut water for skin whitening is a great ingredient.

Natural Toner

Yes! It is a natural skin toner too! If you use chilled coconut water as a skin toner it will help in minimising your open pores. Above all it naturally moisturises your skin and helps in maintaining the natural pH level of your skin. Using coconut water as face toner will keep your skin hydrated without excess oil formation. And if you are looking for natural face toner that also helps in skin lightening then this is one of the best natural ingredients for you. If you have been looking for a natural ingredient for skin whitening then coconut water for skin whitening is one of the best ingredients that helps in lightening your skin without irritation or any kind of damage.

Protects against sun damage

Forgot your sunscreen? Burning red like a cute lobster? Oops! No worries, coconut water to your rescue! Apply coconut water all over your face, arms, and wherever you need help to heal and calm down sun-burnt skin. Let it soak into your skin and let it sit for at least 20-30 minutes. Once you’re soaked in well, rinse off with cold water. You’ll feel the difference. If your sunburn is extreme, then make sure you apply chilled coconut water every day for at least three to five days depending on the severity of your burn. And make sure that next time you apply your sunscreen before stepping out…

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Hope you’re super nuts about coconuts by now!


1.Can I use raw coconut water on my face?

Yes, you can definitely use raw coconut water on your face for a refreshing and a hydrating feeling. Chilled coconut water works great like a natural face toner and helps in calming down tanned and sunburned skin.

2.Can I use coconut water as a base for my face ubtan?

Yes, you can definitely use coconut water as a base for your face masks and ubtans for a hydrating and a refreshing finish. Coconut water not only helps in hydrating and moisturising your skin from within but it will also give your skin a natural glow.

 3.Can coconut water reduce pores?

If you have large and open pores then you can take some coconut water and freeze it into ice cubes and rub it on your face every time you cleanse your face. This will not only help in tightening your pores but it will also help in hydrating your skin while balancing the natural pH level of your skin.