5 Best Budget Friendly Eid Gifts Ideas for Wife

5 Best Budget Friendly Eid Gifts Ideas for Wife

Ramadan Eid or Eid ul Fitr is the culmination of 30 days of fasting for the faithful all over the world. Usually, Eid is celebrated over at least 2-3 days starting with morning prayers on Eid day followed by a lavish feast which extends well after lunch. The subsequent days are spent visiting with relatives, friends and dear ones and also unwinding with outings.

But most importantly, Eid is also about giving and receiving gifts. Generally, the older generation gives the younger one “Eidi” or Eid gift which is often cash but also thoughtful gifts. Also, husbands execute Eidi ideas for wife to give her goodies for the festival.

There are a lot of Eid gift ideas for women out there, designed to cater to different needs and tastes. We have compiled a short but sweet list of Eid gift ideas for her which are sure to place you forever in her good books!


Jewellery is of course one of the most loved Eid present ideas for wife and for good reason - it is sparkly, elegant and just brings so much joy to the wearer! Not just that, it is a very special gesture for the one who makes your world go round to receive even a small gold or silver or imitation trinket from you for Eid.

Of course, you do not have to absolutely splurge for grand Eidi ideas for wife - there are so many good brands which also deal with very good quality imitation jewelry which is ideal if you’re on a budget. Delicate bracelets, finger rings, earrings or a small yet elegant half set is the right gift for her on Eid! And think creatively - a beautiful brooch or hijab pin will also be a sweet and thoughtful gift this Eid.

Must Have Complete Makeup Box

If your better half loves all things makeup, then this is your cue. It remains one of our most loved Eid present ideas for wife because this pretty two-layered box contains 11 makeup items spanning eyes, lips and face which are enough to create some really amazing makeup looks. From the simple no-makeup makeup look to glam looks for Eid, this is a bestselling makeup combo. It also features widely in many tutorials for Eid makeup tips, guaranteed to help your habibti’s inner beauty slay! 

All products in Iba Must Have Complete Makeup Box are 100% vegan and Halal. They contain no harsh chemicals, “magic” ingredients nor are they made from animal ingredients or derivatives. This gift box is as beautiful as it is functional and does not even require to be gift-wrapped. Available in 3 options for Indian skin tones - fair, medium and dusky, you are sure to find the choice most suited for your loved one this Eid.

Chocolate Box/Hamper

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with dry fruits and raisins or more exotic ingredients like chili, pomegranate or sea salt - chocolate is almost always a loved and cherished gift. Eid gift ideas for her are incomplete without chocolate hampers which pack quite a few options and are available in different sizes and quantities. 

You can get creative and also opt for unique touches like pinata chocolates which can break open with a hammer to reveal a cute message underneath - this is innovative as far as Eid gift ideas for women go. Or you can also opt for artisanal chocolates made by hand containing different fillings and flavors so that every chocolate is a surprise. The options for Eid present ideas for wife are many, so go get yours now!

Plant Keratin Combo

Nothing says care like a gift like this. Though a makeup combo is usually a safe choice, this 4-in-1 hair care combo containing plant-based keratin is a very thoughtful gift and suitable for Indian hair texture and weather. Comprising a hair serum, mask, shampoo and conditioner, this sulphate free and paraben free wonder is a great candidate for Eid gift ideas for women.

Iba’s hair care range is focused on providing damage repair, nourishment as well as aesthetic value to hair. The range has a black seed variant and a plant keratin variant - both of which have been very well-loved by users. 

The Plant Keratin Combo is great to restore the structure of the hair shaft thus making each strand smoother and contributing to a healthy luster. The mask and serum are designed to provide deep nourishment to the scalp and hair respectively, thus rejuvenating your loved one’s crowning glory.   

Clothes & Accessories

I have too many clothes, i don’t need any more!” said no woman ever! Trust us when we say that cute, comfortable and personality-aligned outfits are an absolute delight for anyone and you’re sure to earn brownie points if you score the correct sizes and fits! 

If your wife or partner likes modest clothing, scarves and stoles which double up as hijabs are perfect gifts to give. Long shrugs in pastel colors are another hot favorite and not very fussy when you are not sure about exact sizing - they are usually free size or have really easy options to choose from. Depending on the weather, you can also opt for simple long dresses in either thick wool or summery materials like cotton or rayon. If all this is too bewildering, then you can also gift her a voucher which she can redeem by finally buying the outfit she was likely eyeing for a while!

Other great options are also watches and bags. A blingy but elegant watch is something that completes a look and so does a well-matched bag or purse. Your wife or partner has their own personal style which will guide you on the kind of watch or purse to buy. Does she not carry large bags ever? Then get her a compact sling bag which she will happily use. Are her watch dials as big as her entire wrist? Get her oversized dial watches which really make a style statement.

No matter what you choose, Eid present ideas for wife will always be special as they mark the most beautiful festival, Eid ul Fitr and are also a sign that you care a lot! So happy shopping to you and Eid Mubarak!

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