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Ramadan Schedule & Routine

The holy month of Ramadan is here and the hunt has begun for the best Ramadan gifts for women! But since Iba is here, it is fairly easy and also affordable to zero in on the best Ramadan gift which speaks of one’s care and love.

Since Ramadan involves rising early before sunrise to take the morning meal, i.e. suhoor, and the next meal is only after sunset, both mealtimes as well as sleep schedules take a beating. More so for women, as they are often in charge of the kitchen both times dishing out delicacies and also preparing for the next fast!

Sleep times also differ from household to household with many staying up the whole night and catching up on sleep in snatches during the day. This alters the way our body rests and repairs itself and can often lead to sluggishness, lack of energy and mild headaches. However, all is not lost! Ramadan comes with a unique time for self-reflection, attention towards the needy around us and the opportunity to get closer to our Creator. 

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