Winter Skin Prep Before Makeup

Winter Skin Prep Before Makeup

In India, winters are inversely proportional to wedding season! And wedding season means unending dress up stories, so many makeup experiments and unending photo sessions.

Flawless makeup is one thing that all of us want to achieve on that special day or that special wedding function. And, flawless makeup only comes with flawless skin. For that you need to make sure that you have prepped you skin well and taken good care of it.

Good skin does not only come from a skin prep session, but it also means that you need to maintain a balanced diet, proper amount of water and fluid intake per day.

In case you’ve been lazy in doing all this, then here’s how you can prep your skin before makeup. 


It is extremely important to cleanse your skin well to get rid of dirt and oil. Go in for double cleansing if possible. Use a toner or a makeup remover as your first step and then follow up with your face wash. In this way your skin will be squeaky clean and ready for the next step.


The next step is to moisturize well. Pick a moisturizer that suites your skin type and massage well in an upward direction. This will hydrate your skin deeply and hydrated skin means your makeup won’t look dry or patchy. 


It is almost a crime not to prime! As cool as it rhymes, it is absolutely true in every word! A primer works like a shield between your makeup and your skin, it also covers and evens out all your pores. The best part is, a primer makes your makeup last longer without drying or making it look patchy.

Your skin is now ready for some amazing makeup that’ll not only look flawless but will last longer than all the awesome functions that you’ll be attending!

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