Why your face wash is better than a bar soap

Why your face wash is better than a bar soap

If you want to understand the difference between soap and face wash, then this blog is just for you. Once you are done reading this blog you will understand that there is absolutely no reason why one should even argue on ‘face wash vs soap’. 

Face washes have always worked better than soap for your face because they are less heavy and contain additional ingredients specially meant for your facial skin which soaps do not have. Soaps tend to dry out your skin extensively and that is not good for your skin. If you want a foaming cleanser, then you can rather choose a foaming face wash that helps in clearing clogged pores, oil, and dirt from your face. But never ever choose a soap for your face. 

Why shouldn't you use soap for your face?

If you are wondering if soap or face wash is better for your skin, then even dermatologists recommend that soaps are not suitable for your facial skin. 

Soaps are alkaline based

Your facial skin is acidic based and it should have a pH level between 4 and 6.5 even if you have oily skin. But an alkaline based soap will strip off the natural moisture off your skin and it will make your skin extremely dry. If you use a soap for your skin regularly it will make your skin extremely flaky and itchy and it might also result in extensive breakout. Hence, if you ask the difference between soap and face wash, a face wash is a much better option over soap. 

Causes major damage to your skin

Your face naturally secretes oil and these oils act as a protective layer against factors like dust, pollution, UV rays, et cetera. And if you wash your face with soap, it will leave your skin looking dry and dull. The harsh chemicals used in a soap may be useful in cleansing your body but it is not suitable for your face. Your face has a lot of pores and if you don’t take care properly your skin may result in extensive breakouts causing acne and pimples. If you have extremely oily skin, then you can use a mild green tea face wash for Deep cleansing.  

Why is face wash a better option?

A face wash is a much better option than a soap because a face wash has been specially formulated to cleanse your face deeply while moisturising and hydrating your skin from within. Choosing the right face wash for your skin type is essential and we have one of the best guide to choose the right face wash right here. 

Using a face wash that is suitable for your skin not only helps in cleansing your face but you can be sure that the natural oils from your face will not be stripped of and it will also help in maintaining the correct pH balance of your skin. A good face wash will also help in moisturising your skin while revealing fresh and glowing skin instantly. 

If you have oily skin, then the best face wash for you would be a vitamin C face wash which will not only help in cleansing your face from within, but it will also help in adding a natural glow to your face. The vitamin C face wash that we have tagged here has also been infused with hyaluronic acid and gentle exfoliating beads which helps in exfoliating your skin gently every time you wash your face. This is a good face wash for oily skin that also works like an anti-ageing face wash which helps in preventing fine lines and wrinkles when used regularly. You can also follow up with an anti-ageing skin serum for extra hydration and moisturisation. 

Another debate that comes up when we talk about face wash vs soap is that there are a few face washes that even after it is meant for the facial skin it still leaves your skin feeling dry and dehydrated. This is because your face wash might have ingredients which are meant for deep cleansing and you have been using this face wash more than twice a day. Using your face wash once in the morning and once in the evening is more than enough. If you use your face wash more than twice a day which has deep cleansing properties, your skin will result in extreme dryness. Hence, when you choose a face wash for all skin types make sure you check out the ingredients before purchasing.  

When it comes to choosing the right face wash, there are also face washes specially meant for different genders like face wash for men and there are also specially curated face wash for women. Both these face wash categories differ from each other in their types and their ingredients. So it is important when you choose a face wash for all skin types to check out the gender before purchasing. If you purchase the wrong face wash, it will be equivalent to using a song for your facial cleansing. 

So, the bottom line here is when it comes to face washes vs soap, face washes are much better than soaps. The best part about using a face wash is that they are extremely easy to carry and come in compact packages whereas soaps are extremely difficult to carry while you are travelling. A good quality face wash will not only help in cleansing your face but it will also help in deeply cleansing, moisturising and also it helps in retaining the natural oils of your skin.


1.Is it okay to use soap on my face sometimes?

On rare occasions like camping or spending a night outdoors, using a soap like a last resort for your face is okay. But on regular days avoid using soap on your face.

2.Can I use a cream-based soap for my face?

A few cream-based soaps available in the market have been infused with pure and natural ingredients which are extremely safe for your face and your body. But make sure you check the ingredients before using. Because some cream-based soaps are specially meant for your body.

3.Are men's face wash different from women's face wash?

Yes, men's face wash and women's face wash have different formulations and they are meant for a particular gender. Men's skin texture is much different from a woman's skin texture and hence the skin care products also differ from each other.