Tummy and Skin-Friendly Monsoon Snacks

Tummy and Skin-Friendly Monsoon Snacks

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it’s raining for the first time in the year and you realise that monsoons are finally here?

Let me take a guess... ‘gili mitti ki khushbu...chai aur pakode’ and I’m sure I guessed it right for almost all of you reading this.

Snacks and rains go hand in hand. The pleasure of sitting in front of your window corner and munching on your favourite snack while reading your favourite book or watching your favourite show is truly bliss.

But, the concern is, too much of anything could be bad for you. The same goes for your favourite snacks. Junk food and oily snacks could be extremely harmful for your health as well as your skin. So, what do we do now?

Don’t worry fam! We have sorted out few of the yummiest and healthiest snacks for you that’s also great for your skin! Check it out...

Fruit Salad

This is one bowl of yummy goodness that never goes wrong. Chop in your favourite fruits and add a little granola for that extra crunch. If you have mangoes then puree one whole mango and pour it over your salad. Voila! Your vegan smoothie is bowl is ready. And you also have the option to opt for some chatpata masala sprinkled on top for that extra punch!

Baked Veggie Chips

Now this one totally depends on your love for bitter gourd, lady’s fingers or carrots! That’s right! You can make your own healthy version of chips with your favourite choice of veggies.

Firstly, make sure you wash the vegetable well and the peel off the skin if you’re using a carrot or a bitter gourd. If you’re using lady’s fingers then wash well and dry it using a clean cotton cloth. Now, slice the veggies as thin as you can or even use a peeler. Once you’re done let it sit under the fan and dehydrate for about 2-3 hours.

Now, sprinkle some salt and pepper and your favourite spices and seasonings and bake it in the microwave with settings – Microwave + Convection for 10 minutes. Once it’s cooked, let it sit and cool down for a bit. Crunchy healthy chips ready to serve!


Sautéed Mushrooms and crackers

Here’s a healthier version to the good old mushroom and crackers. Pick your favourite type of mushrooms and wash them well, chop them into small cubes. Heat one teaspoon of olive oil and toss in the mushroom, and one chopped onion and sprinkle some salt, pepper, oregano, chilli flakes, crushed garlic and sauté it well.

Get a pack of crackers and serve with the mushrooms! Delicious, healthy and absolutely tummy filling!

Leftover Veggie Sandwich

This one’s my favourite! So, if you had a boring veggie side dish for your dinner last night then it’s time to give it a makeover for your brunch. Take your leftover bowl of veggies, mash it well till it looks like mashed potatoes. Now, chop some fresh tomatoes, coriander and onions and mix it to the mashed veggies.

Use this mixture as your sandwich filling and grill it. You’ll be thanking us for this grilled sandwich recipe.

The best thing about these rainy day snacks is that, they’re are vegan, healthy and the ingredients are awesome for you and your skin! So go on and have a guilt free munching spree!