Top 4 places you can’t go without a sunscreen

Top 4 places you can’t go without a sunscreen

“It’s a nice, cozy, cloudy day... let me skip my greasy sunscreen!”

This one thought shall forever cease to tease us every time when Mr. Sun is playing a little hide and seek. But, the child stops right there! You need to wear your sunscreen be it rain or sun!

Again you’re in second thoughts because sunscreens seem to be greasy and leave an ugly white cast? We get you and so we brought this amazing Iba Invisible SPF 50 Sunscreen that is purely water-based and non-greasy.

Surprised? Well, we have more! This amazing sunscreen is infused with three types of magical waters - witch hazel water, coconut water, and aloe vera water, which not just protects your skin but also heals your skin. Just the perfect sunscreen solution for all skin types and especially oily skin type.

And, it is absolutely safe to say that this sunscreen is a revolutionary one because...

  1. Its ultra-light gel-like texture does not clog pores and layers beautifully under your makeup.
  2. It is non-greasy and has a quick-absorbing oil-free formula. Just the perfect pick for daily use.
  3. It has an awesome matte finish that gives you a clean, fresh look.
  4. It is water-resistant and sweat-proof and absolutely long-lasting.

We’re not done just yet... Iba Invisible SPF 50 Sunscreen comes with SPF 50 UVB Protection that protects against sunburn, rashes, and skin cancer. It is also infused with PA++++ UVA Protection which protects against premature aging and skin darkening.

With such an awesome sunscreen it is almost impossible to skip it. And so, here are you top 4 places where you shouldn’t step out before you apply some sunscreen...

Shopping can be fun as well as distracting because no matter how much you keep track, you’ll always end up hours in the sun. A good shopping with some good tanning isn’t really the combination you’re looking for. So before you step out with your perfect makeup game, make sure you apply some sunscreen. And 3-2-1 you’re ready to go!

Be it a road trip or just your daily travel on your two-wheeler or a car; never ever step out without a sunscreen. The zoomie winds might feel awesome on your face but lady; you’re just self-tanning and won’t be much of a happy ending!

Skipping the gym for a morning run or walk might be an awesome option for a good workout, but make it the best workout with a sunscreen. Any sport for that fact, outdoor craziness and frolicking with sunscreen go hand in hand like BFFs.

Do we need to say more? Beach and sunscreen is like fork and spoon! If you’re out there, you need to do it right unless you’re looking for a beach summer tan! Most importantly, you’re at the beach so go and splash some fun!

And again! Be it rain or sun, always get on with your sunscreen and enjoy the fun!