Tips to Choose the Right Tone of Highlighter for Your Skin

Tips to Choose the Right Tone of Highlighter for Your Skin

Choosing the perfect highlighter shade is a crucial step in your makeup routine, especially for Indian women. The right highlighter can enhance your features and give you a radiant, youthful glow. However, with the multitude of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to select the ideal shade for your skin tone. In this blog, we will explore the art of choosing the right tone of highlighter, catering specifically to the diverse spectrum of Indian skin tones.

Understanding Your Skin Tone

Before diving into the world of highlighters, it's essential to understand your skin tone. Indian women have a wide range of skin tones, from fair to dusky, and everything in between. To choose the perfect highlighter, you need to identify where your skin falls on this spectrum. Here's a simple guide to help you determine your skin tone. 

Fair skin tends to have cool undertones, appearing slightly pinkish or beige. Skin that burns easily in the sun and rarely tans. If you have fair skin, opt for highlighters with a pearly or champagne undertone.

Medium skin tones often have warm or neutral undertones, appearing olive or golden. Tans moderately and rarely burns. For medium skin, choose highlighters with gold or peach undertones.

Dusky skin has warm undertones with deep, rich hues. Rarely burns and tans easily. Highlighters with bronze or copper undertones work wonderfully for dusky skin.

Brown skin comes in various shades with warm undertones. Tans easily and rarely burns. Opt for highlighters with warm gold or rose gold undertones for brown skin.

How to Choose the Right Highlighter Shade

Now that you've determined your skin tone let's delve into the specifics of selecting the perfect highlighter shade for you.

The undertone of your skin plays a pivotal role in selecting the right face  highlighter. If you have a cool undertone, stick to shades with cool undertones like silver or pink. Warm undertones pair beautifully with gold or peachy highlighters.

Test in Natural Light

Always test highlighter shades in natural light. Artificial lighting can distort the true shade, making it challenging to pick the right one. Visit a cosmetics store with a makeup artist or experiment at home by a well-lit window.

You can also apply a small amount of highlighter to your wrist to check if it complements your skin tone. The shade that blends seamlessly and adds a subtle glow is the one to go for.

Choose a Highlighter for Your Skin Tone

If you have dusky skin, opt for highlighters with rich bronze or copper undertones. These shades will enhance your natural warmth. Medium skin tones look fantastic with gold or peachy highlighters. These shades provide a luminous glow that complements your complexion. Brown skin can rock warm gold or rose gold highlighters. They add a radiant finish without appearing too stark. Fair skin pairs well with pearly or champagne highlighters. These shades offer a subtle glow that doesn't overpower your fair complexion.

If you are still confused about which highlighter would suit you best, then you can take a highlighter which has a pretty rose gold undertone that suits all skin tones. We have one of the best highlighters for you, which is the Iba Must Have Get Set Glow Highlighter. This highlighter will give your skin an instant Dewey glow and comes in a beautiful, blendable balmy texture that is extremely easy to apply. The best part about this highlighter is that it has been infused with rosehip oil, apricot kernel oil and non-toxic mineral colours which makes it a great product for your skin.

How to Use Highlighter

Choosing the right shade is just the beginning. Knowing how to use it is equally essential. Here's how to apply highlighter for a flawless finish.

Start with a clean and moisturised face. Use a face primer if desired to create a smooth canvas. Next, apply your foundation and concealer as usual. Make sure they are well-blended for an even base.

Highlighter is typically applied to the high points of your face, such as the tops of your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow, brow bones and the inner corners of your eyes. Use a makeup brush or your fingers to gently blend the highlighter into your skin. Avoid harsh lines, and aim for a seamless, natural-looking glow. Finish with a setting spray to lock in your makeup, including the highlighter.

To further enhance your look, consider using a lip and cheek tint that complements your highlighter shade. Don't forget to use a concealer to cover any blemishes or imperfections before applying your highlighter.  When selecting products, consider face primer price and face highlighter price to ensure they fit your budget.

In conclusion, selecting the perfect highlighter shade for your Indian skin tone is a blend of understanding your undertone, experimenting in natural light, and choosing a shade that enhances your complexion. With the right shade and proper application, you can achieve a stunning, radiant glow that compliments your beauty.


Can I use my highlighter in any other way?

You can use your highlighter like your shimmer eye shadow and you can also apply it on your lips for a smooth glossy finish.

What product can I use when I run out of her highlighter?

The only product that can substitute a highlighter is a shimmer eye shadow, which you can easily use like a highlighter.

How can I make my own strobe cream using a highlighter?

You can create your own strobe cream using a highlighter by mixing it with your moisturiser or your primer and apply it for your base makeup. If you want a smooth glossy finish, then you can also mix your highlighter with the foundation for a dewy look.

In which step should I apply my highlighter?

You can apply your highlighter when you're complete, base makeup is complete and you have applied your blush as well.

Can I apply a highlighter on my body?

Yes, you can apply your highlighter on your body by mixing it with your body lotion and use it like a body bronzer.