Red Lipstick Picks for this Christmas

Red Lipstick Picks for this Christmas

Oh the charm and joy this very festive season brings! Christmas with its cheer & amazing food and after that, welcoming in the New Year with dear ones!

Christmas - Just one word to bring in numerous goose bumps and happy smiles! It’s the season of joy, love and everything red and beautiful.

What’s even Christmas with a little sprinkle of green and bucket loads of red? It’s that time of the year when you get to dress up your best and when it’s Christmas, nothing is ever too red or too bold!

So, here’s Iba in pure Christmas fervour presenting to you few of our best shades of red for your lips!

Let the party begin.

Must Have Everyday Lip & Cheek Tint

These gorgeous babies are super cute and super awesome. Don’t go by their sizes, these are literally tiny multipurpose bombs. Especially the shade Hint of Red,  which is a sheer tint in a gorgeous shade of red. It can be used like a lip tint with a few dabs or just like a bright red lipstick with a lipstick brush & slightly thicker layer. You can also use this gorgeous shade like a tint for the cheeks, it works perfectly well like a blush for medium to dusky skin tones.

If you’re feeling a little creative then you can use it like a liner as well or just use it like your eye shadow base and shimmer it up with some highlighter.

Long Stay Matte Lipstick

These super pretty bullets are so perfect that you might just get addicted to the most awesome lipsticks available. To start off with we have the ‘Urban Red’ which will woo you away like some rare ruby shade (pun definitely intended). It is just the right amount of red in a matte, creamy format designed to last you through all the festivities & merriment.

red lipstick all

Then we have something super bold like ‘Bold Red’ and ‘Red Velvet’, and these shades are definitely not meant for the faint hearted. Sport them on that perfect evening out, paired with your favourite little black dress.

And then we have something super funky like the ‘Burgundy Red’ and ‘Red Brick’. Now these reds are so gorgeous that you’ll be sorted until New Year’s Eve no matter whether they are lazy brunches or soirees at night.

Moisture Rich Lipstick

It’s time for some fun sprinkled with some love & care! What we actually mean is, it’s time for our Moisture Rich Lipstick selection of our best red picks. First up is Red Glam which is a super gorgeous shade to make your Christmas Eve worth remembering. Next is Mystery Red and Ruby Touch; two absolutely versatile reds that’ll make your holiday season as well as everyday wear all the more amazing. The last two picks are Pure Red and Cherry Red, just what you need to amp up your holiday look.

red lipstick

P.S. Don’t shy away from red lipsticks if you have dusky skin! Red lips look gorgeous against dusky skin tones accentuated with glittery or sharply defined eyes. Red makes your skin glow & gives just that right pop to your smile. The trick is to choose muted reds from the amazing options above and also dab a tiny amount to highlight your cheekbones for that added sheen.  

Now we’re all set for the holiday season! Let’s get ready to jive!

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