Micellar water - soon to be best-seller! - here’s why?

Micellar water - soon to be best-seller! - here’s why?

According to the internet, one bottle of Micellar water is sold every three seconds around the globe! And that really isn’t hard to believe because once you start using this product, you’ll notice all the miracles it can do.

Before you categorize it as “Fancy Water”, let’s have a quick introduction of this multi-purpose bottle of magic. Micellar Water is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. Micelles act as magnets for dirt and oil. This unique property is why Micellar Water can be used in a lot of different ways (we’ll get to that). It looks like water, but it has a different texture. It also foams up slightly when used (and that’s the molecules doing their job).

They say, it was created in France for the natives to avoid washing their faces with tap water, as they had ‘hard water’ issues. How can it help you? Well… hard water isn’t just a problem in foreign countries. In fact, a significant portion of water in India is hard water. Because hard water compromises the pH balance of skin, in the long run it can cause dryness, dull skin tone and a myriad of unwanted problems.

Why the hype? Everyone loves make-up. But no one loves the tedious process of taking it off. People use all kinds of products to remove make-up; right from cleansers to wipes. Most of them contain seriously drying parabens with the primary ingredient- alcohol. But the Micellar is…oh such a savior! It can be used as a cleanser, a toner, makeup remover and it even moisturizes the skin. Oh, and did we tell you? It doesn’t require rinsing!

All you need to do is, shake the bottle and pump a small amount of Micellar Water onto a soft cotton pad then apply gently on your face and neck, paying special attention to your eye area.

What exactly does it do? The Iba Soothe-n-Clean Micellar Water is a non-sticky, oil free formula that pulls sebum and all other daily impurities off your skin. The micelle particles gently yet effectively remove all makeup without drying out the skin thus making it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It is infused with skin soothing and healing Chamomile Flower Extract which leaves the skin perfectly refreshed and clean (it smells refreshing too!). It is hydrating and doesn’t use harsh chemicals plus it works wonders for hormonal and acne-prone skin as it removes debris without making it oily.

Most of the cosmetic brands have amazing Micellar make up removers, then why Iba?

First of all, Iba’s new Soothe-n-Clean Micellar Water is one of the very few Alcohol-Free make-up removers. Moreover, it is a Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Vegan and Halal Certified product. It removes long-stay and waterproof makeup.

No- It’s not just a make-up remover. This one’s a go-to product which can be used as a:

  1. Makeup Remover (Of course)
  2. Face Toner
  3. Light Face Wash
  4. Hand Sanitizer
  5. Refresher
  6. Brush Cleaner (To clean all your makeup brushes)

Micellar Water users believe that it is a great travel companion and even better for daily use. It simply helps them give their skin the extra love and care it deserves.

So… go, get Iba’s Soothe-n-Clean Micellar – Wat’er you waiting for? *? ?*