6 Things To Consider While Selecting Hair Color

6 Things To Consider While Selecting Hair Color

If you are someone who is planning to and colour their hair for the first time, then this blog is just perfect for you. We have curated the best ways to choose the perfect hair colour for you and also we will be supporting you out with the best hair colour variety available. Choosing the right hair colour is extremely important because it is a permanent change and you are going to play with it for at least a few months depending on the quality of your hair colour. Hence, choosing the right hair colour is very important.If you have been wondering how to choose hair colour, then you are sorted right here. Check out below the steps you must keep in mind while choosing the best hair colour.

Skin tone

Choosing a hair colour that blends in with your skin tone is extremely important. Choose a hair colour that will not only pop out your skin tone but it will also complement your overall look. If you are someone with fair skin tone you can go for hair colour shades like light brown, dark brown, burgundy, or shades of red if you like to choose vibrant and bright colours. If you are someone in between a fair skin tone and a medium skin tone then hair colours like dark brown and black work really well. For a dusky skin tone, shades like dark brown, black, dark red or dark.But if you want a hair colour variety that just covers your grey roots then you can choose the exact same colour of your original hair. This is one of the best hair colour use because it helps you to look young and also makes your hair look healthy.


Changing your hair colour is easy, but changing your entire wardrobe is not practically possible. Even though you can buy a few clothes and add them to your wardrobe, there might be a few colours in your wardrobe that you wear more often than the others. If you are someone who likes to wear black clothes often then you can consider choosing lighter hair colours like blonde and light brown. Whereas if you are someone who likes to wear more of white colours and cream colours, then you can opt for darker hair colours like dark brown, reds or dark pinks.When it comes to choosing vibrant hair colours there are quite a few hair colour varieties that you can choose from. You can also opt for a vegan hair dye that does not harm or damage your hair follicles.


Colouring your hair at a salon is the easiest and the very first step of changing your hair colour. While you plan and choose to colour your hair you must give a thought about the maintenance of your hair and your hair colour. Coloured hair needs different hair care products which helps in keeping your hair colour fresh and vibrant for a longer period of time. You need a proper hair care combo that will not only keep your hair colour fresh but it will also repair and rejuvenate your hair.Apart from this if you have chosen a lighter hair colour, your hair will be fragile after the lightning. Hence, you will need regular hydration hair spa which needs special attention every month. Apart from your maintenance, you also need to consider your lifestyle. This might include plans of your current lifestyle, for example if there are any big events, work related engagements, or family gatherings for which non-traditional hair colour options should be considered. This may also include plans like spending more time in a swimming pool, in the sun, or spending more time in a new city or a new country. All these factors matter a lot when you consider how to choose hair colour. Therefore, make sure you check out all the pros and cons before you Google on ‘how to choose hair colour’.

Hair Colour Use

When you choose a hair colour, you must also consider the hair colour use. For example, are you choosing to colour your hair for fashion or are you choosing to colour your hair to cover up your grey roots. There are different hair colour uses and hair colour variants according to your choice. If you are choosing to colour your hair for fashion then there are different hair colour varieties according to your choice. But if you are choosing to colour your hair for coverage, then there are natural hair colour options which suit your original hair colour beautifully. No matter what kind of hair colour you have chosen, make sure you get your hands on a few halal hair products which will take good care of your hair post hair-colouring. Halal hair products are not only safe for regular use, but they are also infused with natural and pure ingredients which are good for your hair.


Convenience plays a major role when it comes to choosing the right hair colour. If you are someone who chooses to pick a hair colour to cover up greys, then you can pick any over-the-counter hair colour product that suits your needs. When you buy hair colour products from the shop, always make sure you check on the instructions on ‘how to apply hair colour’. This will give you an idea about how to apply hair colour with ease and without making any mistakes. Hair colouring at home is the best option for you or someone who is used to applying hair colour regularly to cover up grey hair. Once your hair colour is done, pick a halal shampoo for your after care. These shampoos are not only pure but also gentle for regular use. 


Lastly, plan your expenses when you choose to colour your hair. Vibrant and fancy hair colours need to be from a reputed and a luxury brand so that your hair gets the best hair colour treatment. If you are planning to go for highlights or a balayage, then you need to plan on your expenses because these hair colour treatments are more expensive compared to regular hair colour. Not just this, once your hair colour is done you also need to take good care of your hair later on which is also expensive including all the hair care treatment and hair care products. Therefore, make sure you plan well before you choose to colour your hair. 


1.Are there any deals on hair colors and hair care in general?

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2. Will bleaching damage my hair? 

If you choose to go for a bright colour like red, blue, etc you will need to bleach your hair. Bleaching your hair will lighten your original hair colour and the hair dye will look more vibrant. Bleaching does not really damage your hair but make sure your bleach is washed off in the given time or else it will deeply damage your hair. Also, make sure that your bleach does not touch your hair roots. 

3. Can I colour my hair red without using any kind of lightning product?

If you want to colour your hair red, then lightening your hair is highly recommended. If you colour your hair red without lightening then your hair colour will look exactly like burgundy and it will not make much difference.

4.Can I go for hair spa after colouring my hair? 

Yes, You can definitely go for a hair spa after colouring your hair. In fact, a hair spa is a good treatment for coloured hair. This will help in treating and repairing coloured hair from within while also hydrating and moisturising your hair follicles.