6 Must Have Skin Care Products for this Summer

6 Must Have Skin Care Products for this Summer

Summer is here and it is absolutely scorching hot everywhere. Along with our body, even our face tends to feel the heat and that results in flushed and irritated skin. It is during the summer days your facial skin shows its true colour. It is your face that reacts the highest when it comes to weather and climate changes. During summers your face tends to get irritated easily and also becomes oily due to all the sweating and that attracts dust, pollution and dirt from the environment. If you don’t take care of your skin well during these hot summer days then you will be suffering from acne and pimples, blackheads and whiteheads in no time. 

Hence having the right summer skincare products is extremely essential for your skin. Let us check out six of the best summer skincare products that you must have.  

Face wash

When it comes to your summer skincare products, your face wash is the most important product that you must have in your summer collection. Your face wash is what keeps your face absolutely clean and free from dirt, pollution, dust, and sweat that has dried off on your skin. Getting rid of all these elements from your skin is extremely important because that is what is going to keep your skin healthy and glowing. 

There are different face washes available in the market depending on your skin type and gender. Face wash for men is different from face wash for women. But if you are looking for a face wash that is going to keep your skin clean and free from pimples and acne during these summer days then a good green tea face wash is what is going to keep your skin healthy and free from any kind of skin related irritation. 


If you are looking for a summer face cream for all skin types, then we suggest that you buy face serum because this is much lighter in texture and richer in its ingredients. A good skin serum is lightweight and packed with active ingredients that seeps deep into your skin instantly and gives you desired results in a very short span of time. 

You can also use your serum like your skin tint by mixing it with a tiny amount of foundation cream and apply it all over your face and neck. You can either use your finger to blend it or you can use a beauty blender for a sheer and flawless finish. This acts like a great face moisturiser for summer which also makes your skin glow naturally.


Another important summer skincare product is your sunscreen lotion. Your sunscreen not only helps in protecting your skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun but it also protects your skin against skin issues like allergies and skin cancer. Make sure you apply your sunscreen at least 20 minutes before stepping out of the house, this will ensure complete protection from the sun. The correct way to apply your sunscreen is by keeping a check on the time and re-applying it as and when needed when you are spending most of your time outdoors. 

Alcohol Free Perfume

During the hot summer months you tend to sweat easily and very quickly. Staying fresh is something we all like and for that using a good alcohol free perfume is highly recommended. There are quite a few varieties of ladies perfume in India but picking an alcohol free perfume ensures its safety for you and your skin. The best part about picking an alcohol free perfume is, it is absolutely pure and free from harmful ingredients like alcohol, parabens, chemicals that are harsh on the skin and also spirits which are extremely uncomfortable to wear because of its strong smell. 

When you are applying your perfume make sure you apply it on all your pulse points like your wrist, behind your ears, inside your elbows for a long-lasting and fragrant effect. If you want your perfume to last longer then you can pick your cream for summer season apply it on your pulse points and then apply your perfume. This will make your perfume last much longer and leave you feeling fresh and active throughout the day. 

Lip Balm

The next important summer skincare product is your lip balm. A lip balm not only helps in hydrating your lips, but it also helps in keeping your lips moisturised and protected from the sun. Your lip balm also helps in lightening your lips when you use it regularly and re-apply it multiple times during the day. You can also use your lip balm like your lip primer before applying your lipstick. 

Dry lips are the sole reason behind pigmented and dark lips. When your lips are dry you tend to lick it, and that makes your lips feel hydrated for a second. But it is your saliva that touches your lips and your saliva is a digestive enzyme which is not meant to touch your bare skin. So, when your saliva touches your lips it tends to lightly burn your skin. Hence gradually over the time this burning is what makes your lips appear dark and pigmented. That is why applying your lip balm at all times and keeping your lips hydrated is so important. 

Face Mist

Lastly, one major summer skincare product that you must have is a face mist. Your face mist not only helps in giving your skin an instant dose of hydration, but it also helps in calming and soothing your skin instantly. Your face mist also helps in balancing your skin’s PH level and if you are wearing makeup, and your make up feels dry and cakey then a few sprays of your face mist is what will fix your entire makeup. 

Another amazing benefit of your face mist is that you are allowed to use your face wash only twice a day but you can use your face mist for an instant hydration as many times as you want throughout the day.