5 Basic Makeup Items Guide for Indian Woman

5 Basic Makeup Items Guide for Indian Woman

Make-up has always been every woman's happiness. You can call it a stress buster and a savior when you want to look presentable on a busy day. Hence having a few basic makeup products in your makeup pouch is extremely essential. So we are here to tell you about a few basic makeup items which you must have.


First things first, your primer is extremely important when it comes to makeup. Because it is your primer that preps your skin before makeup and also helps in blurring out blemishes, marks, and pores. Your primer helps in preparing a fine canvas for your makeup. It is your primer that also makes your makeup last much longer and makes it sweatproof and waterproof.

Here is a hack that you can try with your primer. Take a small amount of your primer and mix it with your foundation and apply it all over your face and neck. This will not only give you your very own BB cream, but it will also give you a very sheer finish that will make your skin glow and the primer will make it last longer.  This hack is great if you are working and need to get ready every day. This will keep your skin glowing and also keep your makeup in place. Next time, make sure you add your primer to your basic makeup list.


Eyeliner Pen

The next makeup product that you must add to your basic makeup list is your eyeliner pen. Because it is your eyeliner pen that will transform your simple makeup look into a classy and presentable makeup look. This will keep you sorted for all occasions, and also for your daily wear to work. An eyeliner pen is much better than a regular liquid liner because an eyeliner pen comes with a pen-like body, which is very easy to hold and application is also much easier. This is a great and simple makeup item for beginners who want to create a perfect winged eyeliner.

When you are applying your eyeliner, always make sure that you begin from the outer corner of your eyelid. This will help you in creating that perfect wing with sharp edges. If you are a beginner, then you can create a small triangle on your outer corner, and then connect it to the center of your lid. This hack will give you perfect winged eyeliner every single time. 

Eyeliner Pen

Compact Powder

The next product that you must have in your basic makeup list is your compact powder. Your compact powder not only helps in setting your makeup, but it also helps in quick touch-ups. This is one of the most simple makeup items that you must own. You can also use your compact powder as your base for your eye shadow makeup. This creates a fine and clean canvas for your eye shadow colours to pop. The best part about your compact powder is that it comes with SPF, which makes sunscreen re-application extremely easy with just a few pats.



The next basic makeup product that you must have on your basic makeup list is your lipstick. There was a time when your lipstick used to be used only for your lips. But things have changed now, thanks to content creators and new hacks. You can now use your lipstick in multiple ways, like your right shadow based, like your eyeliner, your color corrector, a blush, and also like a contour.

Transfer proof lipsticks are the best when it comes to picking lipsticks for the summer. Because these lipsticks do not smudge or budge, no matter what you do, be it eating, or drinking.

When it comes to lipsticks, did you know that picking halal lipsticks are a great choice? Because Halal lipsticks are purely vegan and free from harmful ingredients like pig fat, alcohol, parabens, and artificial preservatives. Halal lipstick is also free from carmine, which is a red pigment acquired from crushed beetle bugs. It is carmine that gives lipsticks its red and pink pigment. Hence, always pick a lipstick that is vegan or halal certified.



And lastly, another basic makeup item that you must own is, a kohl kajal or any colored kajal if you like funky-colored makeup looks. If you want someone who likes simple makeup looks, then a black Kajal is all you’re going to need to elevate your entire look. Your black Kajal not only helps in elevating your look but also makes your face look brighter on a dull day. And if you are someone who wears a kajal on a daily basis, people are going to ask you if you are sick on days when you are not wearing your kajal. That is the magic and beauty of wearing a kajal on a daily basis. Not just for your looks, but your kajal also takes good care of your eyes.


You can also use your kajal for a smokey eye makeup look. All you need to do is roughly light your eyelid with your kajal, and then gently smudge it with your fingers. Once you are done, you need to finish it off with a brown-colored eye shadow. This will give your eye makeup a beautiful transition. And you can also finish off with a brown kajal on your lower lash line. And lastly, finish off with your black Kajal by tight-lining on your upper waterline, and mascara on your pretty lashes.

These were a few of the basic makeup items that you must own For quick can, we complete makeup looks and makeup fixes.

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