4 reasons why alcohol-free perfumes are awesome

4 reasons why alcohol-free perfumes are awesome

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says ‘perfume’? I’d leave that for you to answer! But, for me, perfume reminds me of my mom.

Yep! That’s right. My first memory of perfume comes from my childhood when I would watch my mom get ready for work and finish off with a perfume and the entire room would be filled of her fragrance. I’d just watch her dreamily, and when she would noticed my dreamy face; she’d smile and come over an spray a little on my dress. And oh boy! I was the happiest kid in town!

Perfumes have always been a beautiful way to make memories, disguise as a wonderful gift and the perfect symbol of love and friendship.

But folks! Did you know that the perfumes that you use have an enormous amount of alcohol in them? The cooling ‘wow’ effect that you get after misting some perfume on is actually alcohol. That might have been doing a lot worst to you in disguise of making you smell nice and fresh.

But chill out, because we’re in the 21st Century and we do have awesome options available. One of these awesome options are alcohol-free perfumes! Yes! They totally exist and they are absolutely awesome!

Alcohol-free perfume is so much better than your regular perfume and we’ll give you ‘awesome enough’ reasons to convince you. Let’s check out!

They’re made of natural oils

Alcohol-free perfumes are made from naturally extracted oils and they tend to have a more natural tone to it. These perfumes aren’t overpowering and lingers a mild fragrances throughout the day.

They last longer

Have you noticed that when you spray on some alcohol based fragrance, they seem super strong at first and then slowly they disappear? Well, that’s because the alcohol evaporates and along with it, the perfume evaporates too. But this does not happen when it comes to oil based perfumes. The best part is, with oil based perfumes you don’t even need to touch up.

No more breathing allergies

Oil based fragrances are very mild and they will seldom irritate you, if you have a sensitive nose. It also means that you don’t have to worry about breathing allergies and most importantly it won’t amuse the people around you! win win for everyone!

 No more skin allergies

Most alcohol based perfumes tend to evolve an allergic reaction on the skin. Especially for people who have sensitive skin and need to be extra careful about using and choosing perfumes. Alcohol tends to have a drying effect on the skin and could be harmful on summers because dry skin and sweat with alcohol isn’t the best thing to deal with.

We know we awed you! So the next time you go on a perfume shopping spree, you’ll know exactly what to pick!